Term Dates

School Term and Holiday Dates  

(Please note that school is closed for children on Staff Training Days & Bank Holidays)


Autumn Term 2021

Staff Training Day                       Wednesday 1st September

School Opens                               Thursday 2nd September

School Closes                              Thursday 21st October

Staff Training Day                       Friday 22nd October

Half Term Holiday                                               

Monday 25th October – Friday 29th October


School Opens                               Monday 1st November
School Closes                                 Friday 17th December

Christmas Holiday                                               

Monday 20th December – Monday 3rd January


Spring Term 2022

School Opens                                         Tuesday 4th January

School Closes                                       Friday 18th February

Half Term Holiday                                               

Monday 21st February – Friday 25th February

Staff Training Day                                Monday 28th February

School Opens                                        Tuesday 1st March

School Closes                                        Friday 8th April

Easter Holiday                                                      

Monday 11th April & Friday 22nd April

Easter Sunday                                          Sunday 17th April

Summer Term 2022

School Opens                                         Monday 25th April

May Day                                                    Monday 2nd May

School Closes                                         Friday 28th May

Half Term                                                                

Monday 30th May – Friday 3rd June


Staff Training Day                                             Monday 6th June


School Opens                                                    Tuesday 7th June


School Closes                                                  Wednesday 20th July


Staff Training Day                                             Thursday 21st July


Summer Holiday                                                  

Friday 22nd July – Friday 2nd September


Autumn Term 2022

Staff Training Day                                           Monday 5th September

School Opens                                                Thursday 6th September

School Closes                                                Friday 21st October

Half Term Holiday                                              

Monday 24th October – Friday 28th October

School Opens                                               Monday 31st October
School Closes                                               Friday 16th December

Christmas Holiday                                               

Monday 19th December – Monday 2nd January

Spring Term 2023 

School Opens                                               Tuesday 3rd January

School Closes                                               Friday 17th February


Half Term Holiday                                               

Monday 20th February – Friday 24th February


School Opens                                             Monday 27th February

School Closes                                              Friday 31st March

Easter Holiday                                                       

Monday 3rd April & Friday 14th April

Easter Sunday                                                  Sunday 9th April

Summer Term 2023

School Opens                                                Monday 17th April

May Day                                                            Monday 1st May

School Closes                                                Friday 28th May

Half Term                                                                

Monday 29th May – Friday 2nd June

School Opens                                               Monday 5th June

School Closes                                               Wednesday 25th July

Summer Holiday                                                  

Friday 26th July – Friday 1st September


Autumn Term 2023

Staff Training Day                             Monday 4th September

School Opens                                  Thursday 5th September

School Closes                                   Friday 27th October

Half Term Holiday                                               

Monday 30th October – Friday 3rd November


School Opens                                       Monday 6th November
School Closes                                       Friday 22nd December


Christmas Holiday                                               

Monday 25th December – Friday 5th January


Spring Term 2024

School Opens                                        Monday 8th January

School Closes                                        Friday 9th February

Half Term Holiday                                               

Monday 12th February – Friday 16th February


School Opens                                       Monday 19th February 

School Closes                                       Friday 22nd March


Easter Holiday                                                       

Monday 25th March & Friday 5th April


Easter Sunday                                        Sunday 31st March

Summer Term 2024

School Opens                                       Monday 8th April

May Day                                                  Monday 6th May


School Closes                                       Friday 24th May

Half Term                                                                

Monday 27th May – Friday 31st May


School Opens                                         Monday 3rd June 

School Closes                                         Monday 22nd July

Summer Holiday                                       

Tuesday 23rd July – Friday 30th August

As far as we are able we synchronise our Staff Training Days with other local Codsall Schools and to those schools within Codsall Multi Academy Trust i.e. Codsall Middle School (CMS).

Please check with neighbouring local authorities for their school dates if you have children attending outside Staffordshire as these do vary.

School holiday information can also be found on the following Staffordshire County Council website:-

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