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Provision is made within the class to give every child the best opportunities for success at all levels. The School also recognises children's gifts and talents outside of the school provision and enjoys celebrating their successes with them. Please see our Local Offer attached below detailing the provision we can offer you and your child at St Nicholas.

The Special Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) is Miss C Bolton. She is responsible for organising and co-ordinating provision. She has undertaken special training to support her in this role. Mrs S Robb is the Governor who has taken a special interest in SEN.

All staff are responsible for children with Special Educational Needs. Children with Special Educational Needs may require extra time for assessments; individual education plans (IEPs) teaching support programmes and liaising with parents and outside agencies. This time is covered by class teachers and the SENCO. We also use trained teaching assistants to support individual learning needs.

Children currently are supported at different levels according to need:

Monitoring (Class teacher identifies a possible need to SENCo and parent and agreement is made to address through quality first teaching and support, which is monitored over time),

SEND Support  (SENCo involvement, school may seek additional advice and support from external agency.  Intervention and IEPs target pupil needs)

Education Health Care Plan (Statutory assessment is carried out at the request of the school or family and a framework outlining a pupil's needs and school's responsibility to meet these is set in place).  This is reviewed annually.

We follow the National Special Educational Needs Code of Practice and access support through the Local Education Authority for Additional Needs, when appropriate. Termly meetings are held between the Headteacher, SENCO/Learning Support and the Educational Psychology Service.

When children require extra challenge, special learning programmes may be required. However, the curriculum at St Nicholas continues to develop and provide more and more opportunities for children to follow lines of enquiry to suit interest levels and teachers plan to extend the more able.

Details about the South Staffs SUN group and the next meeting can be found here.

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Able & Talented Pupils

St Nicholas provides a rich education for pupils of all abilities, and recognises the need to promote appropriate opportunities to cater for the most able children in our community. We welcome the challenge presented by very able pupils. We acknowledge the need to meet that challenge positively.

All children are valued at St Nicholas and we ensure that their individual needs are met so that everyone, including the most able can flourish. Where the children are confident to do so, they may be taught in classes or groups other than their own.
We are striving to achieve excellence in all areas of activity and looking to celebrate the achievements of our pupils, encouraging all children to perform to the best of their ability.

Links with local middle and secondary schools and the LEA often provide opportunities for short-term projects with gifted and talented pupils. To date, these have included: dance, drama, ICT, maths, art and design technology, music and science.
Please see below a number of documents attached that may be of interest to parents and carers.

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