Regular and punctual attendance at school is both a legal requirement and essential for pupils to maximise their educational opportunities.  In recognition of this, the law makes it an offence for a parent or carer to fail to secure the regular attendance of their child at a school at which the child is a registered pupil, without good reason or the agreement of the school.

The Local Authority may take legal action against you, if you fail to make sure that your child(ren) go to school regularly and the absence has been recorded by school as unauthorised.

The Head Teacher at your child’s school must decide if an absence is authorised or unauthorised. 

Authorised – Reasons agreed as appropriate by the Head Teacher (exceptional circumstances)

Unauthorised – Reasons not accepted as appropriate by the Head Teacher.

Payment of a Penalty Notice for Unauthorised Leave of Absence/Persistent Absence during term time within 21 days is £60 and payment after this time, but within 28 days is £120.

The government deem any child with attendance below 90% as being a “persistent absentee”.

The reasons for absence in these instances will be investigated by an Education Welfare Officer who monitors school registers and carries out visits to see families. As such we have decided as a school to provide parents with official notification throughout the year to ensure they are aware of the impact of missing time from school. Indeed attendance can be an often misunderstood statistic in relation to attendance. For example:

…in a test or exam many of us would be pleased to pass with a mark of 80-85%. This percentage means that at least four fifths of the test was right.

However when we think of 90% in terms of attendance it is actually a significant amount of school missed as can be seen in the table below:

Attendance Impact of absence
93-100% attendance Your child may have missed 2 weeks out of the whole school year.
85-91% attendance Your child may have missed at least 4 weeks of the whole school year.
80-84% attendance Your child may have missed at least 6 weeks of the whole school year.
Less than 80% attendance Your child may have missed at least 8 weeks of the whole school year.

Therefore we will be sending out letters to raise awareness of attendance issues that are affecting your children. It may be that your child has been away from school due to an operation or a significant illness (chicken pox etc)which prohibits them from attending school. Where this is the case and school is already informed, parents need not worry should they receive a letter of notification of poor attendance.

We would really appreciate your support in improving our school attendance.  Miss Parker will publicise our school attendance term on term to share with parents so that you too can track our progress towards improving this as a community.   


Please see attached documents which provide more infomration about attendance at school.

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