Teaching Staff  
Mr C Bailey  Reception - Geography Leader
Miss Z Griffiths  Nursery - Eco-School and School Council Leader
Miss Abbiss  Year 2 - SENCO and Pupil Premium Leader
Mrs C Hammond  Year 3 - History and Literacy Leader
Miss S Pugh  Reception - Assistant Head Teacher with responsibility for EYFS, Sports Premium and Science, Deputy Safeguarding Lead
Mrs V Mayer  Year 3 - Art and MFL Leader
Mr J Watkins  Year 4 - PE Leader
Miss J Parker  Headteacher & Child Protection Officer
Mrs S Robb  Year 1 - Assistant Head Teacher with responsibility for KS1 and 2 and Mathematics, RE  & Deputy Safeguarding Lead
Miss C French

 Year 3 - PSHCE Leader

Mrs J Sollom Year 2 - Design Technology and Literacy Leader
Miss K Wild Year 1 - Music Leader
Teaching Assistants  
Mrs F Baddeley Reception 
Miss C Ball  First Aider and Year 2
Mrs T Carmell  First Aider and Reception
Mrs C Clay  First Aider and Year 4 
Mrs K Holt  EYFS and Wraparound
Mrs K Jackson  First Aider and Year 1
Mrs S Lowe  First Aider Year 4, LSA, Pupil Health and Wellbeing Mentor
Mrs S Madeley  First Aider Nursery
Mrs G Manning Year 3 
Mrs J Ordidge  First Aider, one to one support, Breakfast Club 
Mrs D Sparrow Year 3
Miss J Griffiths First Aider, Reception, LSA 
Miss N Davies Supply Teaching Assistant, LSA
Miss G Brookes Reception
Mrs J Round First Aider, Reception, LSA, Breakfast Club
Mrs S Tunney  Year 1
Mrs D Wardle-Lea  Year 4 
Miss R Hopkins One to one support 
Mr T Mills Year 2, Sports LSA, Breakfast Club and Wraparound Care
Music Support  
Mr M Onions  (Guitar)
Administrative Staff  
Mrs H Dunn Academy Business Manager
Mrs J Currall Office Manager/health and Safety Leader 
Mrs J Howell School Bursar
Mrs L Richards Office Support 
Lunchtime Supervisory Assistants 
Mrs S Lowe Pupil Health and Wellbeing Mentor - Lead LSA
Mrs J Brisley  
Miss R Hopkins  
Mrs K Holt  
Mrs J Lake  
Mrs L Mounsey  
Mrs J Round  First Aider
Mrs A Dutton  
Miss L Gittins  
Mr T Mills  
Regular Supply Staff  
Mrs L Higgins  
Mrs P Sharma  
Mrs L Johnson   
Mrs K Cheers  
Mrs S Shermer  
Caretaking Staff  
Mr M Smith   
Mr T Walmsley  
Kitchen Staff  
Mrs K Tayler  
Mrs S Cooper  
Mrs D Wilson  
Miss K Twardun  
Wraparound Care  
Mrs L Dhami  
Miss R Cottle   First Aider
Mrs K Holt  
Mr T Mills First Aider
Miss G Brookes  
Cleaning Team  
Mrs A Dutton
Head of Cleaning
Mrs J Haynes  

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