School Council

At St Nicholas we value the opinions of our children.

The School Council gives them a voice.

We believe that:

- Pupils have a right to be listened to.
- It is important that pupils are consulted when appropriate.
- A democratically elected school council provides a structured opportunity for
active pupil participation in decision-making within the school.

The School Council aims:
- To empower pupils to participate in their school community as active citizens.
- To promote a sense of responsibility and ownership of the school community.
- To give the children a 'voice' through their council representative.
- To encourage children to care for school property by involving them in
decision making processes.
- To foster and encourage positive and responsible attitudes and behaviour.

The council is made up of children from Year 1 to Year 4 who meet regularly
and discuss issues with Mrs Robb, and, from time to time, other members of

Many of the suggestions made by the School Council are acted upon and help to make our school a happy and pleasant place to work and play.

Current school council representatives are:

Mrs Robb - Senior Leader

Ethan K (3C) - Chair

Keira H (1L))- Vice Secretary

Grace W (4S) - Treasurer

Keeley G (4P) - Secretary

Isobel P (3HW) - Communication Officer

Dominic T (2S) - Communication Officer

Sophie S (2R) - Secretary

Harley P (1M) - Vice Treasurer.

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