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St Nicholas CE First School are proud to share their passion and commitment to being an


Eco Code


Being an Eco-School means that our entire community share a commitment to being eco-friendly members of society, in order that we promote a sustainable, happy, healthy and safe diverse world for all.

Our key principles as an Eco-School are to provide our school community with:

  • An opportunity to empower children to drive change and improve our environment.
  • An opportunity to improve children’s skills, raise environmental awareness and improve the school environment.
  • An opportunity for children to become one of the 18 million attending Eco Schools worldwide.
  • An opportunity for the whole school to work together to bring about change.
  • An opportunity for closer links to be developed between schools and their communities.

Further to this, being an Eco-School means that our children discover and learn about 9 key areas about our world:

1. Water

2. Energy

3. Healthy Living

4. School Grounds

5. Biodiversity

6. Global Perspectives

7. Litter

8. Transport

9. Waste (including Recycling

As a school, our 3 main focus areas are:









Healthy Living

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 Our Eco Leader is Miss Z Griffiths and she meets with our Eco Council on a regular basis.

What do our St Nicholas Eco Council do?

As our school is highly passionate about conserving water, energy and promoting healthy living, our school community has an our Eco Council that can help us to fulfil our commitment and meet every month. They help us all to develop our superpowers of being Eco-Friendly by spreading the message and encouraging to make positive and eco-friendly choices! We all know that even if it wasn’t us, we should turn a tap off if it’s running, close an open door or window to keep heat in and to pick up any rubbish we see on the floor. Because of this our school is beautiful and is now a lot more thoughtful about what we are doing.

A member of the Eco Council has the following responsibilities:

  • Attend meetings
  • Contribute ideas to meetings
  • Share important eco news with classes
  • Bring ideas from classes to each meeting
  • Share any eco ideas with Miss Griffiths
  • Carry out monthly monitoring within classrooms
  • Ensure lights are switched off, when not in use
  • Ensure taps are switched off, when not in use
  • Report any leaking taps to members of staff/Miss Griffiths
  • Working with and alongside the local and wider community to enhance our eco-friendly provision and opportunities


 Please see the following attachments below to keep updated with key events related to our Eco-School opportunities:

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