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Earrings 18.01.08

As per AFPE recommendations we are unable to remove or tape earrings for your children in order for them to do PE lessons.   As such parents must remove them at home on PE days or children must be able to take them out.   Taping ears is not deemed sufficient protection to the ear and can come off.   Children therefore should not have their ears pierced until the 6 weeks holidays which would allow the necessary healing time and make removal for lessons possible.   Any children who have not and are unable to remove their earrings will have to sit out of PE lessons and carry out written or evaluative PE related activities and will miss out on the physical aspects of the lesson.  

PE is a legal requirement as part of the national curriculum and we believe as a school that it is fundamental to physical, social and mental wellbeing.  

Reception Slumber Party 18.01.18

On Friday 2nd February 3.30-.4.30pm Reception staff in conjunction with the PTFA would like to offer the children an opportunity to stay to school for a Slumber Party.  The cost for this will be £3 per pupil and any funds raised will be used to fund new story books for Reception.  

Children attending will need to bring a clearly labelled bag to school containing their favourite teddy and suitable pyjamas/nightwear (onesies are great for this).  

In the session children will be given milk and biscuit (not too many so as to spoil tea, just to create the atmosphere), enjoy a story-time, take part in relaxation activities (think little ones yoga stretching) and some singing.   The idea is that the children are snuggly and comfortable with their friends and teachers in a softly lit, calm environment.

If you would like your child to attend, as well as sending the items mentioned above in on the day, please also return the slip below to school along with the £3 payment (in cash in a named envelope) for the attention of the PTFA.   The last date for receipt of these is Wednesday 31st January to allow for us to prepare staffing and resources for the session.  Please look out for letters that have/will come home about this.

Y3 and 4 visit Sept 2018 08.01.18

Advance Notice

We have booked to take Year 3 and 4 for Sept 2018 (current Year 2 and 3) to see Awful Auntie by David Walliams at the Grand Theatre.   By providing advance notice we are hoping to avoid parents also booking tickets to take their child as we know it is frustrating paying to go twice and when your child has already seen something.   We had to book tickets early due to the number required and hope giving you advance notice is of some help.

Thank you from staff 03.01.18

The staff and I would like to thank parents for the cards, gifts and well wishes over the Christmas period.  We were overwhelmed by your kindness.

Eco-Day 15.12.17

Dear Parents,

As you may know, St Nicholas is working towards becoming a Green Flag Eco School. In order to raise awareness of how we can help look after the environment we are holding an Eco Day. Children are invited to wear green clothes on this day, and may even wish to wear something that has been made out of recycled materials e.g. a hat made from boxes, a dress made from Christmas wrapping paper etc.

We are sure you will have much more creative ideas than these!   We will be giving out prizes within each year group for the best recycled piece of clothing/accessory and very much look forward to seeing how creative you are!

Many thanks for your support,   Miss Griffiths and the Eco-Council

Miss Griffiths and the Eco School Council.

Christmas Events at Codsall Library 15.12.17

Saturday 16th Dec –Christmas crafts drop-in 10am – 12pm - £1 per child

Thursday 21st Dec –Christmas crafts drop-in - £1 per child

RSPB wildlife drop in – make a Christmas Dragonfly – free

Friday 22nd Dec – Christmas Stories round the fire – 10.30 – 11.30 – Free

Saturday 23rd Dec – Christmas Crafts drop-in 10am – 12pm - £1 per child

School Open Tuesday 11.12.17

School will be open as normal tomorrow.  Please exercise caution travelling to school.

School Closure Monday 10.12.17

School will be closed tomorrow due to the extreme snow we are experiencing.  Visits to site have been carried out and snow is thick and the roads leading towards school are treacherous.  This is not a decision that has been taken lightly but I hope by giving you notice today, as opposed to first thing in the morning, parents are able to make plans for arrangements for the care of their children.   

If any parents will be travelling tomorrow for work, please take care and we hope to welcome children back on Tuesday.   I will send a text out on Monday with an update of arrangements for the following day.  It may be that if I am unable to ensure sufficient staff in school (depending upon their location and road closures) school will be open only to certain year groups (as per the school's Business Continuity Plan).   However we would hope with a sunny day on Monday this will not be necessary.   

Apologies for any inconvenience, we always endeavour to be open in snow, however on this occasion we feel that by opening children, parents and staff will be placed in unnecessary danger.

Snow Notification Procedures 07.12.17

Should there be any issues with snow overnight that affects normal school operation, we will send texts out to parents with any notifications at the earliest opportunity.   Should snow fall heavily through the day it may be necessary for us to contact parents of children in after school care in order to arrange earlier collection times, although again this will be a last resort.  

Football Result 07.12.17

Well done to the St Nics football team on their second win under Mr Watkins's management!  The lads played brilliantly in the cold conditions tonight, Mr Watkins had his manager's coat on (think Jose Mourinho) and we won 6-2 against Lane Green.  The match was played at Codsall High and saw a hat-trick from Ryan S in Year 3, 2 goals from Alex R in Year 3 and the remaining goal hammered in by Joshua A in Year 4.  I am very proud of the little team who are going from strength to strength.

Poppy Appeal Total 07.12.17

Please see attached.   Didn't we do well as a school?  Thank you for your support!  Our children really got behind this appeal once again and showed that they were thankful for those that sacrificed their lives for others.   In addition to learning about this appeal, children have been exploring the concept of peace and thinking about symbols of peace in The Bible.

Please select a file to download:
Download this file (British Legion Poppy Appeal certificate.pdf)British Legion Poppy Appeal certificate.pdf

St Nics Christmas Ball 2017 04.12.17

The St Nics Christmas Ball was a real success and was a lovely night out for all.  A big thank you to the Tunnicliff family for all their hard work as well as PTFA members who supported the event also.  Attendees enjoyed good food, drink, entertainment and raised lots of money for the school in the process.  It was supported by a range of sponsors from within and beyond the local community.   Thanks to all who came along, we hope it was a night to remember.   I have to admit being surprised by some of the talented Dads on the dance floor, I think a Strictly Dads Night might be in the offing! Please see attached for a few pics from the evening.

Please select a file to download:
Download this file (St Nics ball photos.pdf)Ball Photos

A Visit From a Bearded Dragon! 01.12.17

Year 1 were learning about the features of reptiles as part of their science work and how to care for reptile.  Mr Mills brought in Brian the bearded dragon to tell us all about them.  The children loved seeing the dragon and they learned lots of interesting facts and asked great questions about caring for one of God's creatures! Well done Year 1 and thank you Mr Mills!


Forest School Blog 01.12.17

This week was the penultimate week at Forest School for Year 4. The challenge was to demonstrate all that they had learned through the last term by creating a new shelter in a different area of the field. It had to fit all of their team mates in and be warm and comfortable.  We spent a moment thinking of those who might be homeless today and relfected upon how fortunate we are.   One pupil shared how as they had been thinking about other people and how they can help others as an Advent promise, they had asked their parent to but a lunch for a homeless person in town.  We were really proud of Zain and the way he had transferred learning in worship and class and showed Jesus' love for others through his actions.   A big well done to Zain! The children were able to use their improved survival knowledge, team work, communication, problem solving, leadership and creativity to design and build their shelters. We played “Air raid” to test the shelters and then had some time at the end to reflect on our learning journey over the term.  Next week is the last Forest School session for Year 4.  Please continue to bring lots of layers to keep warm outside. The temperature has dropped and although the children are very active outdoors, it’s better to be a little too warm than too cold. Hats, warm coats, scarves, gloves, thick socks, extra jumpers and even leggings or pyjama bottoms under trousers all help to keep the children that extra bit warmer.

See you all next week! Mrs MacKinnon 

Musical Afternoon 29.11.17

This Friday afternoon we wish to celebrate the talents of our musical children in school.  Teachers have invited any child who plays an instrument through tuition within or outside of school to come along and share a piece they are confident with, with their friends.   Please do send your child in with the relevant music and  instrument if they would like to take part.  NB this may involved tuned or untuned performances e.g recorders and keyboards or tambourines and drums etc.

EYFS and Year 1 Parent Maths Meeting Info 28.11.17

For any parents who are unable to attend, please see attached.   If you want to discuss anything in this please contact your child's class teacher.

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Download this file (Maths Presentation.pdf)Maths Presentation.pdf

Year 4 Laches Wood Parent Presentation 20.11.17


Please see here for info about Laches Wood Outdoor Education Centre.

Info for parents can be found here.

Please see the attachment below to read the inform ation shared at the meeting.  To watch the video that was shared please click here.


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Download this file (laches wood oec 2017.pdf)Laches Wood Parent meeting info

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