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SIAMs Report 2018 (Church School Inspection) 21.04.18

Please see attached Inspection Report following our Church School Inspection which took place on 27th February 2018.  Thank you to all who contributed to the Inspector's observations and subsequent judgement!

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Download this file (SIAMS Report 2018.pdf)SIAMS Report 2018.pdf

After school clubs, Newhampton Arts and Dippy The Dinosaur tickets (free) 28.03.18

Please see attached a booking form for after school sports clubs led by Mr Mills for after the Easter break and a leaflet advertising local events at Newhampton Arts Centre.


Also why not take advantage of the National History Museum's Dippy The Dinosaur visiting Birmingham between May and September as a family.  The event is free and tickets are available here.   Miss Parker will be taking little Ben to see Dippy on holiday in Easter in Dorchester, she is sure it will be something that families might enjoy!

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Download this file (Booking form Apr - May 18 (1).pdf)Booking form Apr - May 18 (1).pdf
Download this file (Newhampton Arts.pdf)Newhampton Arts.pdf

Nursery Sessions April 2018 and beyond for 3 year olds. 23.03.18

Please see attached which may be of interest to parents.

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Download this file (April - Dec 2018 little nics.pdf)April - Dec 2018 little nics.pdf

International Women's Day 13.03.18

Please see attached to look at the way Year 4 children celebrated International Women's Day 2018!   Children in Mr Watkins's class enjoyed finding out about incredible women who have shaped the world we live in and here are a selection of the children's powerpoints!  

Scarlet Fever and Chicken Pox 13.03.18

Please see attached with information shared from the Health Protection Agency in respect of Chicken Pox and Scarlet Fever.

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Download this file (HPA.pdf)HPA.pdf

Reception Easter Craft 06.03.18

Please see attached from Miss Pugh and Mr Bailey.

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Download this file (Easter Bunny Craft.pdf)Easter Bunny Craft.pdf

Y2 SATs Parent Meeting Info 06.03.18

Please see attached from the meeting for Y2 parents last night.

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Download this file (KS1 SATs Meeting March 2018.pdf)KS1 SATs Meeting March 2018.pdf

EYFS Topic Plan 05.03.18

Please see attached for N and R parents.

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Download this file (All Change Parent Handout.pdf)EYFS Parent handout

Eco-Greenhouse 16.02.18

Dear Parents/Carers,

As part of the Eco-School project we would like to build a bottle greenhouse. In order to create this bottle greenhouse, we need lots of clean, plastic 2 litre bottles. We would be grateful for any 2 litre bottles you could bring in to school to support us with this project!

For the project we also need wood to build a frame, bamboo canes and cable ties for the structure and large sheets of bubble wrap for insulation. If anybody is able to provide us with any of these materials, then we would be extremely grateful.

We would also be grateful for a little helping hand in building the greenhouse. If anybody is an expert in DIY and would like to give us a helping hand, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Many Thanks for your support.

Miss Griffiths and the School Council/Eco Committee.

Year 2 Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday Forest School 15.02.18

Super stars: Hannah in 2S for being very brave and Joshua in 2A for really getting stuck in this week and using his initiative. 

This week was the final Forest School session for Year 2. To celebrate Shrove Tuesday the children enjoyed cooking and eating pancakes outdoorss. The children collected kindling sticks, using the size of their hand as the measurement.  We discussed the dangers and the children were able to come up with their own risk assessment to keep everyone and everything safe. We lit the fire using a fire steel and we waited until the sticks began to turn white. This signalled time to cook. We cooked and ate Scotch pancakes - yummy!

The fire was put out and after it had cooked we discovered the wood had turned to charcoal. The children were able to tell me all about Ash Wednesday, so we used the charcoal and ash to make the sign of the cross around the woodland. Each child thought of a wonderful prayer to end the session too. Well done Year 2. You have been fantastic Forest Schoolers!   

Mrs McKinnon

Tax Free Childcare 12.02.18

Parents will be able to open a new childcare account. For every £8 a parent pays into their childcare account, the government will pay in an extra £2. Parents can get up to £2000 government support per child per year towards their childcare costs - that's up to £500 every 3 months. If they have a disabled child, they can receive up to £4000 per child – a total of £1000 every 3 months. They can then use this money to pay their childcare provider.

The government has started inviting parents to apply for Tax-Free Childcare beginning with parents of the youngest children first. Check whether Tax-Free Childcare is the best offer for you using the childcare calculator.

Parents will only be able to pay their childcare provider from their childcare account if their childcare provider is signed up to Tax-Free Childcare. While parents cant make payments using both Tax-Free Childcare and childcare vouchers, childcare providers who are signed up to Tax-Free Childcare can receive payments from both schemes.

Please click here to find out whether you are eligible to apply. 

Football Team 6-0 Win! 12.02.18

Well done to the St Nics Football Team who played last week beating St Chad's Pattingham 6-0.  Another Ryan S (Y3) hatrick, a superstar debut from Seb (Y2) and some great goals from the other pupils meant our unbeaten streak continues!    Well done lads!   A big well done to Sam (goalscorer and superstar goalkeeper) for taking the time to write up his match report.  Please see below.

School Dinners 01.02.18

I am aware that a number of parents have been discussing the "All Day Breakfast" menu item and issues around the nutritional value of school dinners offered.  As you know I have been relaying parent concerns and as such governors and the Academy Business Manager are in the process of exploring other providers of school dinners and liaising with our current providers. 

As a school we do not create the menus or plan or assess the nutritional contents, portion size or suitability of individual meals.  This is not our area of expertise, hence the reason this is a contracted service.   HOWEVER we do take seriously the feedback we receive. 

With regard to this week's newsletter and assembly to pupils about sandwich boxes, we know and respect the fact that a good number of our families do send children to school with well balanced packed lunches.  In fact when we discussed the issue almost all children knew what a healthy lunchbox would look like and actually named a really wide and varied range of items that might be included, from sandwiches to wraps, to crackers and so on.

However, we have seen an increase in children bringing inappropriate lunch items to school and have a duty to address this and offer support to parents and children who may need it.  Indeed throughout the year many parents ask for our support in respect of enforcing our expectation to help them with their child. 

I will bring further news on school hot dinners to parents as soon as I have any.

Miss J Parker     

Year 2 Forest School Blog 25.01.18

This week I have been so proud of Year 2. I set them the challenging task of constructing a model catamaran boat. It had to be made from straw, constructed using knots, it must have 2 "hulls" and must float on the "ocean". The boats constructed were absolutely brilliant! The children remembered their knot tying from Year 1 and could apply this skill. The best achievement was that every team's boat floated on our pretend ocean. Well done Year 2! Please note there is no Forest School next week. I will see you all the following week. From Mrs MacKinnon

Earrings 18.01.08

As per AFPE recommendations we are unable to remove or tape earrings for your children in order for them to do PE lessons.   As such parents must remove them at home on PE days or children must be able to take them out.   Taping ears is not deemed sufficient protection to the ear and can come off.   Children therefore should not have their ears pierced until the 6 weeks holidays which would allow the necessary healing time and make removal for lessons possible.   Any children who have not and are unable to remove their earrings will have to sit out of PE lessons and carry out written or evaluative PE related activities and will miss out on the physical aspects of the lesson.  

PE is a legal requirement as part of the national curriculum and we believe as a school that it is fundamental to physical, social and mental wellbeing.  

Reception Slumber Party 18.01.18

On Friday 2nd February 3.30-.4.30pm Reception staff in conjunction with the PTFA would like to offer the children an opportunity to stay to school for a Slumber Party.  The cost for this will be £3 per pupil and any funds raised will be used to fund new story books for Reception.  

Children attending will need to bring a clearly labelled bag to school containing their favourite teddy and suitable pyjamas/nightwear (onesies are great for this).  

In the session children will be given milk and biscuit (not too many so as to spoil tea, just to create the atmosphere), enjoy a story-time, take part in relaxation activities (think little ones yoga stretching) and some singing.   The idea is that the children are snuggly and comfortable with their friends and teachers in a softly lit, calm environment.

If you would like your child to attend, as well as sending the items mentioned above in on the day, please also return the slip below to school along with the £3 payment (in cash in a named envelope) for the attention of the PTFA.   The last date for receipt of these is Wednesday 31st January to allow for us to prepare staffing and resources for the session.  Please look out for letters that have/will come home about this.

Y3 and 4 visit Sept 2018 08.01.18

Advance Notice

We have booked to take Year 3 and 4 for Sept 2018 (current Year 2 and 3) to see Awful Auntie by David Walliams at the Grand Theatre.   By providing advance notice we are hoping to avoid parents also booking tickets to take their child as we know it is frustrating paying to go twice and when your child has already seen something.   We had to book tickets early due to the number required and hope giving you advance notice is of some help.

Thank you from staff 03.01.18

The staff and I would like to thank parents for the cards, gifts and well wishes over the Christmas period.  We were overwhelmed by your kindness.

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