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Diary Dates w/c 21st May 2018 18.05.18

Please see current Diary Dates for the next two weeks which are published and a paper copy sent home each Friday

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Download this file (Diary Dates fortnightly wc 21st May 2018.pdf)Diary Dates fortnightly wc 21st May 2018.pdf

Head Lice Local Authority Guidance 14.05.18

Head lice are common; particularly in primary school aged children, who tend to frequently put their heads together with other children. The only way to be sure someone has head lice is by finding live lice or eggs, therefore early identification and treatment of head lice will minimise their spread. We would recommend that children of primary school aged should have their heads checked for head lice at least weekly, especially if their friends and classmates are known to be infected.

Parents and carers can do this by combing their hair with a special fine-toothed comb (detection comb). Please be aware that GP’s will not prescribe head lice combs. The combs can be purchased online or at pharmacies, with the plastic combs costing approximately £1 - £2, metal versions of the combs can also be purchased.   

Head lice should be treated if they are found and everyone in the house should be checked and treated on the same day if they are found to have head lice.

There's no need to keep children off school if they have head lice or to wash laundry on a hot wash. Parents can use medicated lotions and sprays that kill head lice in all types of hair which can be purchased from pharmacies, supermarkets or online (these products usually come with a comb). The specific directions on the product should be followed and head lice should die within a day.

Parents that do not wish to use lotions can use the fine-toothed comb (detection comb) to remove head lice using a conditioner will help the detection and removal. Hair should be combed in sections from roots to tip ensuring all areas are combed, and this should be repeated every few days for 2 week.


Forest School Blog - Year 1 11.05.18

This week Year 1 have been on a giant bug hunt! We looked for bugs in two different locations and recorded what we found using tally charts. We noticed that different bugs live in different places. The children even used their phonic sounds to write some of the names of the bugs using chalk in the forest school area. Year 1 developed their strength by climbing up and through a tree. It was trickier than they first thought! 
Please remember to send children with long trousers and a long sleeved top. Even if it is warm, they need to wear trousers / leggings to protect their legs in forest school activities. It can also get chillier in shaded areas so a long sleeved top to bring outside with them is a must. 
Mrs MacKinnon.

Changes to Calendar Dates on Website Y3 and 4 Parents 11.05.18

Year 3 Visit

Unfortunately it has been necessary to cancel the visit to St Nics from the children's West Park Primary pen pals.  This is through no fault of St Nicholas.  The children will have still gained some good experience of writing for a real life purpose and learnt about a school in a different context as part of this.  This is through no fault of St Nicholas staff.

Year 4 Experience Church 

I have been contacted by Rev Liz to say that due to essential building work that will be taking place in the church over the coming weeks, it is necessary to cancel Experience Church sessions that weer originally booked for Year 4 children.  They send their apologies to any children who were really looking forward to it! 

After-School Activity List - 2nd Half of Summer Term

Please see list of after-school activities that are scheduled to take place after the half term holiday and booking form which must be returned by Friday 25th May in order for your child to be allocated a place on the 'school-run' clubs i.e. Dodgeball, Fitness Frenzy, Y3&4 Football, Y1&2 Football and Rugby.  The slip should be returned whether or not your child has attended the activity before.

If a place is allocated your child will be assigned to that club on ParentPay and payment is required prior to the activity taking place.  Although payment can be made weekly - full payment for the half term is preferred.

Ruby Anti Bullying Champion 2.5.18

A big well done to Ruby in 4W who shared her self initiated anti bullying assembly to the whole school this week in Mr Gough's worship session!  We are so proud that one of our pupils has shown initiative and care for the school community and set such a good example to the little ones!  Well done Ruby!

Sponsored Book Read 30.04.18

Children are looking forward to completing their Sponsored Book Read this week in school and raising money for an update to the school library.  Thank you for your support for this event.  All sponsor monies and forms must be returned by Friday 11th May.  


Open Classroom EYFS 24.04.18

Dear Parents

As you may have seen on the calendar dates we are welcoming Early Years parents into the Early Years classrooms to have a look at their child’s Learning Journeys on Wednesday 25th April.

Reception parents are welcome between 3:30-4pm.

Morning nursery parents are welcome between 11:30am-12pm.

Afternoon nursery parents are welcome between 3:30-4pm.

If you are unable to attend tomorrow, please do not worry, we are having another open classroom on Monday 9th July where you will have another opportunity to look at Learning Journeys.

Best wishes

Miss Pugh

Assistant Headteacher

SIAMs Report 2018 (Church School Inspection) 21.04.18

Please see attached Inspection Report following our Church School Inspection which took place on 27th February 2018.  Thank you to all who contributed to the Inspector's observations and subsequent judgement!

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Download this file (SIAMS Report 2018.pdf)SIAMS Report 2018.pdf

After school clubs, Newhampton Arts and Dippy The Dinosaur tickets (free) 28.03.18

Please see attached a booking form for after school sports clubs led by Mr Mills for after the Easter break and a leaflet advertising local events at Newhampton Arts Centre.


Also why not take advantage of the National History Museum's Dippy The Dinosaur visiting Birmingham between May and September as a family.  The event is free and tickets are available here.   Miss Parker will be taking little Ben to see Dippy on holiday in Easter in Dorchester, she is sure it will be something that families might enjoy!

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Download this file (Booking form Apr - May 18 (1).pdf)Booking form Apr - May 18 (1).pdf
Download this file (Newhampton Arts.pdf)Newhampton Arts.pdf

Nursery Sessions April 2018 and beyond for 3 year olds. 23.03.18

Please see attached which may be of interest to parents.

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Download this file (April - Dec 2018 little nics.pdf)April - Dec 2018 little nics.pdf

International Women's Day 13.03.18

Please see attached to look at the way Year 4 children celebrated International Women's Day 2018!   Children in Mr Watkins's class enjoyed finding out about incredible women who have shaped the world we live in and here are a selection of the children's powerpoints!  

Scarlet Fever and Chicken Pox 13.03.18

Please see attached with information shared from the Health Protection Agency in respect of Chicken Pox and Scarlet Fever.

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Download this file (HPA.pdf)HPA.pdf

Reception Easter Craft 06.03.18

Please see attached from Miss Pugh and Mr Bailey.

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Download this file (Easter Bunny Craft.pdf)Easter Bunny Craft.pdf

Y2 SATs Parent Meeting Info 06.03.18

Please see attached from the meeting for Y2 parents last night.

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Download this file (KS1 SATs Meeting March 2018.pdf)KS1 SATs Meeting March 2018.pdf

EYFS Topic Plan 05.03.18

Please see attached for N and R parents.

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Download this file (All Change Parent Handout.pdf)EYFS Parent handout

Eco-Greenhouse 16.02.18

Dear Parents/Carers,

As part of the Eco-School project we would like to build a bottle greenhouse. In order to create this bottle greenhouse, we need lots of clean, plastic 2 litre bottles. We would be grateful for any 2 litre bottles you could bring in to school to support us with this project!

For the project we also need wood to build a frame, bamboo canes and cable ties for the structure and large sheets of bubble wrap for insulation. If anybody is able to provide us with any of these materials, then we would be extremely grateful.

We would also be grateful for a little helping hand in building the greenhouse. If anybody is an expert in DIY and would like to give us a helping hand, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Many Thanks for your support.

Miss Griffiths and the School Council/Eco Committee.

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