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Kingswood Night 2 04.04.19

Children opted for some indoor time this evening after a busy day in the wet conditions! They were all getting tired and keen to have some time in bedrooms before bed. The children have chosen their outfits for tomorrow in the hope that they will be as warm and dry as possible should the weather continue. 

Despite the cold and tiredness setting in, the children were all in good spirits and helping one another. We have had fun with a monkey puppet, debates with Mr Mills about Wolves, Liverpool and Chelsea, discussions about creation vs evolution in another room (all very high brow and left Miss Parker speechless)! 

Almost all children have eaten well and where they haven’t they have been encouraged to eat a number of other things.   I have enjoyed hearing their tales about teamwork, good communication and children stepping out of their comfort zones to try something new or something they were previously scared of. 

As I left all lights were off, stories were being read and children were calming for a good night’s sleep.  I anticipate it will be an earlier night than last for most tonight. 

The children will have lots of tales to tell when they return tomorrow and many of the children are looking forward to a cuddle, a bath and some rest.  Thank you to the staff for their work with the children - on residential you are never off duty - I am extremely grateful that they give their time freely to give the children in our school such a wonderful opportunity. Likewise to the staff back in school who have picked up additional responsibilities to cover for staff on the visit.  

We look forward to reuniting you with your children tomorrow.   I am sure they have been very missed.  Here’s hoping for a dry day for their last day of activities..    

Miss Parker 

Kingswood Update Weather Watch 04.04.19

Given the cold, wet weather, should you wish to send any weather appropriate clothing (gloves, waterproofs, hats, thicker jumpers) for your child, Miss Parker can take it up to them tonight.  Please drop it in to the office by 5pm in a named carrier bag.   Parents do not need to, only if you are feeling you wish you'd packed such and such.    

Year 4 Kingswood Update 04.04.19

Kingswood Update

Children were all unpacked and beds made with no issues. Mr Mills was an excellent duvet shaker and the children enjoyed showing staff their teddies and interesting items that had been packed from home.

The lads in particular enjoyed showing me all of the toiletries they had including aftershave, mirrored combs, gels and moisturising creams. They were well organised and Mr Gough and Mrs Lowe ensured everyone had what they needed.

The girls are all doing well too, they have been enjoying chats in their rooms and we had a girly time with myself, Mrs Hayes and Mrs Manning before bed, sharing our experiences.   I was really impressed with their maturity and care for one another.

Last night was Italian night and the children had pasta and garlic bread, followed by ice cream which went down well with most!

All children requiring meds had them and any special care needs were sorted discretely.   Mrs Clay is on high alert and ready to respond to any children who need a bit of help.

The centre is busy and the children are getting used to working alongside other schools and with other adults from the centre and are doing really well. We are very proud of them.   I will be returning this morning, before my meeting and then again this evening for bedtime. If anyone has anything they need taking up to the centre for their child, drop it in to school at the office and I will collect before I return tonight.

The full day of activities kicks in today, so I expect some bleary eyed children tonight and so we will be ready with lots of TLC, cuddles and bedtime stories to help get children settled as early as we can.

I will try and keep you updated as and when in and around a busy school day and visits back and forth. It may be that I do not send a text until after 10pm which is when I aim to leave the centre as we should not be using mobile phones where possible around the children.

Miss Parker

Cancelled Clubs Notice 01.04.19

Due to a number of staff being ill this week it has been necessary for school to ask Mr Mills to attend the residential visit with Year 4 children.   As a consequence this has meant that sports  clubs Wed-Fri have needed to be cancelled as he is away.   Likewise with Dance with Mrs Carey on Friday.    Unfortunately there are a number of bugs coming into school at the moment and these seem to be spreading to staff, as well as children.  To date we have reported cases of:

  • conjunctivitis
  • chicken pox
  • vomiting 

Please do only send your child into school when they are well enough to be in, non-contagious and observing the school's 48 hr exclusion since last episode of vomiting policy.   We will as always be reminding children about hand hygiene and trying to minimise any further spread.  

Year 4 Residential 3rd-5th April 2019 (Copies of information sent) 25/03/19

A few parents have asked for copies of the information that has previously been sent home.  

These are attached below for your information.

Mr Gough will be sending home Medical forms and a letter with latest arrangements later this week.  Copies will also be uploaded to the school website when they are available.

To avoid a situation with empty lunchboxes it has been suggested that children in Year 4 have a hot school lunch before they leave on Wednesday 3rd April.  Please ensure there is adequate money on your child's parentpay account if a hot dinner is required.


Free activities for children with Special Educational Needs (Aiming High) 25/03/2019


Please click here which gives details about free activities for any child on the Special Educational Needs register within school.   If you are unsure as to whether your child would qualify, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or ask to speak to Miss Pugh.  


Summer/Autumn menu ( 21.3.19)

Attached is the lunch menu for Summer and Autumn terms.

Please select a file to download:
Download this file (Summer Autumn menu.pdf)Summer Autumn menu.pdf

Comic Relief & Red Nose Donation (21.3.19)

St Nicholas First School raised 332.80 for Comic Relief on Friday 15th March 2019.  Thank you to all who took part and dressed in red or wore Red Noses and/or accessories to support this charity.  A big well done to everyone.

A family member of a pupil at St Nics has donated surplus Red Nose Day stock from Sainsbury's Wolverhampton.  Miss Parker will be giving the children in Reception to Yr 4 a Comic Relief red nose each to say a huge well done for their excellent behaviour in the emergency evacuation which took place on Monday 18th March.

We appreciate the good wishes we have received from the community and for this donation - which we are sure the children will enjoy.

Easter Bonnet Parade Info Tuesday 2nd April (19/3/19)

Easter Bonnet Parade Info Tuesday 2nd April

We would like to invite children from Nursery to Reception to take part in our annual Easter Bonnet parade.  Children will need to make their own Easter Bonnet or mask and bring it to school with them on Tuesday 2nd April.   Where possible if they can be clearly named to aid identification and handing out before the parade (especially for younger years).

The bonnets/masks can be Christian themed or novelty (think Easter bunnies and chicks etc).   Every year we always have some really creative families and we hope that the coming together to make the bonnet or mask is a bit of fun family time. 

The parade will be kickstarted by a performance from a selection of Year 4 pupils who would like to share their Alice in Wonderland themed dance performance.  This will commence at 2.55pm and all are welcome to come and enjoy this. 

Then at 3pm we will start our parade with children coming out in year groups (staring with Nursery and working through to Year 4).  Children can be cheered on and supported throughout.  Once the last group have finished, parents can go to their usual collection points and collect children ready for hometime.  

We hope you can come along and join us for this!   

School Incident Report

Thank you for your understanding and support today to collect children as promptly as you were able.   I appreciate the inconvenience this may have caused to many.  I thought it might be useful to explain to parents the procedure for managing a serious incident such as the gas leak today.

Upon identification, the decision was made to evacuate the children and re-route children so that they did not walk through the affected area.   Mrs Currall liaised with Staffordshire County Council , whilst Mrs Richards raised the fire alarm and I rang 999 to speak to the Fire Service.  

We followed the school’s well planned Business Continuity Plan and Emergency Evacuation Procedure to manage the scene and minimise distress and excitement for children.

Staff quickly accounted for all children and adults on site so that we knew everyone was safe and we waited for the Emergency Services to arrive. At this point we were unsure as to the cause of the smell and prioritised the safety and supervision of the children. In Dunkirk Spirit children and staff braved the chilly weather, awaiting further instruction, singing songs, dancing and generally having fun!

Very quickly a range of emergency service personnel and vehicles arrived on scene and took control.   The one pupil and small number of staff who reported symptoms, or were at risk of exposure to the gas were all assessed and seen by the Ambulance Service who concluded that all were fit and well and advised hot showers at home to open up sinuses.

Once the Fire Team had made investigations it was found that a gas leak had occurred from a small refridgerator in school which had remained behind a closed door until late morning. The refridgerator was removed and taken out into a well ventilated space (the fresh air) well away from the pupils.   Dynamic risk assessments were carried out with the Fire Lead , our school Health and Safety Advisor and myself, as we could not be certain that all gas had been removed, as such it was decided to contact parents and ask them to collect their children.  

I am aware that before this time the Fire Service Press Team had issued a Twitter statement and that neighbours to the school or parents collecting from Nursery may have shared locally/online the news that there had been an incident. As Head Teacher my immediate priority will always be the management of the safety and wellbeing of the children, staff and site users and cooperation and communication with the team and the Emergency Services.   As such there was no need/opportunity for the school to contact parents until there was something concrete to report.   I do understand that parents will naturally worry, but all children were safe, happy and accounted for and it was hoped that the school day would resume within a short period of time.

Children were dismissed safely and sensibly, a big thank you to parents for their help with this. I appreciate they will have left lunchboxes and other belongings in school, but unfortunately this was unavoidable. Any children unable to be collected were taken up to the Nursery building and we organised food to be delivered (pizza, sausage rolls, toast, crackers, shortbread etc) from Codsall Middle School (a big thank you to them for their support!) as staff were still not allowed back in the main building to recover lunchboxes or hot dinners.

The Fire Service carried out a range of air tests and communicated these to our Health and Safety Advisor and I and presented their recommendations.   As such we left the space ventilated for the remainder of the day.  An industrial air blower has been used to ensure any traces of gas have dispersed and this evening we have taken further air/gas readings which have indicated that the site will be safe for the children and staff to return to tomorrow.   We will however continue to test readings over the next few days and continue to ventilate the space with the blower.   As such Year 3 and 4 children may be dismissed from different parts of school tomorrow (please await a text).

Later in the afternoon staff were supervised by members of the Fire Brigade to quickly get their belongings and exit the building safely.   A big thank you to all of the staff for their role in ensuring that the incident was managed calmly and safely. I cannot commend them highly enough. A particular big thank you to Mrs Currall for her management of Health and Safety and Mrs Richards for her practical support to organise equipment needed.   It was a real team effort and I feel very lucky to have the team of staff that I have.  

The children were a credit to their families and it is without doubt that this will be a day that they will remember for years to come.   We look forward to welcoming everyone back in to school tomorrow and apologise once again for any inconvenience the decision to close the school may have caused.

School Update 18/03/19

Miss Parker and the Staffordshire Health & Safety Team are currently acting upon the advice of the Staffordshire Fire & Rescue Service to arrange air testing on the premises at the earliest availability. Subject to results, parents will be notified as to whether the school is able to open as soon as we are able.

Ladies Day Lunches - Reception Wed 20th & Year 4 Wed 27th March (04.03.19)

Flyers were sent out last Friday regarding the Ladies Day Lunches that are being held for Reception and Year 4 parents.  Please note there is no separate payment item on ParentPay for the Ladies' Day Lunches which are being held on Wednesday 20th March for Reception and on Wednesday 27th March for Year 4. 

If you would like to reserve a place slips should be returned to school by the due date to enable the kitchen to prepare the correct number of lunches.  Payment should be made via ParentPay on the 'Dinner Money' Payment Item.  Please ensure the payment item has sufficient funds on the day of the lunch to cover the cost of the meal i.e. £4.82 for Year 4 (£2.64 adult and £2.20 child) and just £2.64 for the Reception child's adult as there is no charge for Reception children under the Universal Infant Free School Meals scheme. 

Rocky the Reading Bear Raffle (04.03.19)

This week, as part of our World Book Day celebrations, School Council have decided to run a raffle to win Rocky the Reading Bear.  Tickets will cost £1 each and can be purchased daily from now until Friday from children who will be visiting the classrooms each day selling tickets.  The winner will be drawn in worship next Monday (11th) in front of children in the school hall.  We will write names on the back of tickets going into the draw so please don't worry that your child might lose the ticket.  All monies raised will be donated (again through the decision of the School Council) to the school we support in Gambia to share our love of reading with them.  Please do try and support the children in their fundraising efforts if you can!

Year 3 Viking Assembly - Wed 13th March 2019 (01/03/19)

Please see attached letter to parents about booking places for the Year 3 Viking Assembly / Presentation to Parents which takes place on Wednesday 13th March at 2:30 pm in the school hall.  The letter also includes a picture of Viking Costumes to help parents in the preparation of clothes for the performance.

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Download this file (Y3 Viking Letter 2019.pdf)Y3 Viking Letter 2019.pdf

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