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Lea's new belt! 12.05.17

Well done to Lea in Y1 who earned her white belt with orange stripe this week!

Fidget Spinners and Jo Jo Bows 11.05.17

Please do not allow your child to bring their fidget spinner or other toys to school. These are becoming a distraction in lessons and a cause of issues at playtimes.  

Likewise I will be talking to the girls tomorrow about JoJo Bows.   Whilst the girls are enjoying seeing who can be the brightest and wear their bow the highest, they also are becoming problematic in PE lessons and also at times obstructing vision of other children in lessons and assemblies!  

They are not really in keeping with the school uniform, in fact for September we are going to be asking that children only wear green headbands and bobbles etc in their hair to ensure the children look smart.  I will look forward however to complimenting the girls on their bows should they choose to wear them to the school disco next Friday!   Thanks for your support with this!




West End Star Seb! 11.05.17

A big well done to Year 4's Seb Edwards who performed as part of the Pauline Quirk academy in the West End in a performance of Lazy Ace!   What an amazing experience, we think you will agree!   Seb has been able to see the full working theatre in operation and appreciate all the parts that work together behind the scenes to put on a West End show!   We look forward to seeing Seb's name in lights in the future! 

sebby 2

Vote Now For Seb's Winning Design 10.05.17

Please click here to vote in the Express and Star Design An Ad.  The information you will need to add can be seen in the picture.  


Express and Star Success For Seb! 10.05.17

A big well done to Seb in 4C who was chosen out of hundreds of designs to represent Manby Bowdler Solicitors in the Express and Star Design An Ad competition this year!   Seb's design has been published in the newspaper and parents are invited to vote for his winning design using the form attached.  Please do try and support us if you can, your vote will put us in with a chance of winning £500 for the school!

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Download this file (express and star design an ad 2017 (1).pdf)express and star design an ad 2017 (1).pdf

RB Forest School Blog 08.05.17

Friday was RB's first Forest School session. First we explored the Forest School area, learnt where the boundaries were and played a hiding game called 1,2,3. After that we looked very closely at what was growing in the area. We found daisies, dandelions, buttercups and lots of grass! We also spotted blossom on the trees. Super investigating RB! 

Thank you to staff who supported the Year 4 Residential! 07.05.17

A big thank you to Mrs Clay, Mrs Manning, Mrs Lowe, Mrs Richards, Miss Cranston, Miss Pugh and Mrs Swan for giving up their Thursday evening to take the Year 4 children away overnight to Laches Wood! I hope both they and the children have caught up on any lost sleep over the weekend!   School was very quiet without you all!

Thank you Meena! 07.05.17

Children in 3HW enjoyed learning about life in South India from ex-parent and local neighbour Meena last week.   3P children are excited for their turn to learn from her first hand experiences, sharing culture, religion, colours, sounds, facts, artefacts and pictures.  A big thank you to Meena for her time and preparation for the sessions!

Thank you to the Co-Op! 07.05.17

A big thank you to site staff Mr Walmsley and Mr Smith for their hard work over the Easter holidays to have our school looking so lovely.   Mr Walmsley was joined in the first week by a team of volunteers from the Co-Op who completed some community work here at St Nics.  As part of this they carried out a range of tasks including:

  • planting
  • clearing
  • laminating
  • cleaning toys
  • shredding

Staff were delighted with the work that was carried out and we think you will agree the area outside Year 2 classrooms looks much improved!

Sickness 07.05.17

We have had a small number of cases reported of sickness towards the end of last week.   If your child has been sick or had diarrhoea, please DO NOT send them back to school until 48 hours after they were last affected to help minimise the spread    We will of course remind the children about handwashing and minimise opportunities for spread within lessons.

Year 4 Residential 2017 05.05.17

Just to report that I have been to see the Year 4 children this morning!   All were happily munching away on sausages, toast and cereal.   Some with their cup of tea, others with water or milk.   Some of the children do look a little bit tired today so I would suggest that they are early to bed tonight!  Today children will do archery and climbing activities which I know they are very excited about!

For those that are able and want to, children can be collected from school at about 2.30pm from Y3 classrooms doors (we have relocated Y3 up to Y4 this afternoon, to make things more manageable with luggage).   Siblings may be collected as required at this time also.


Laches Wood Adventure Y4 04.05.17

Having spent the afternoon and evening up at Laches Wood with children and staff I am able to tell you that the children are all doing really well.  They organised themselves independently and have all made their own beds!   They have made a large fire and cooked and eaten their own bread on a stick, as well as some scrummy marshmallows.  Children have used radio communication to solve and complete an orienteering course, involving running through the woods, orienteering using North, South, East and West bearings and cracking a code. 

I have been most delighted by the teamwork shown by the children as well as the kindness they have extended to one another, from a word of encouragement to sharing some sweets brought from home!   

The children are eating well and are enjoying their free time, as well as their activity times.   A big thank you to all the staff who have attended the visit, including Mr Gough who popped up to the centre to say "hello" and see how everyone was getting along!   

We have been blessed with lovely weather today, let's hope the staff will be blessed with a peaceful night, so that all are raring to go for their final day tomorrow, before returning home!

Please see attached with a few pics for you to see.  I apologise in advance that not all children will be represented in the pictures.   Whilst I left my group from time to time, to try and get as many different children captured in picture form for you, there will inevitably be some more pics from children in my group and some that have been missed as their pics are on the IPad belonging to the staff member in charge of them.

I hope seeing some pics and having an update helps reassure parents!   For the first time this year, I can put myself in your shoes.  On the drive to the centre from school, I thought about my little boy and how I would feel about him going away in the future with school and was left feeling unsure; however, by the time I had joined the children around the fire pit nestled in the woods and heard them eagerly share their adventures so far; I realised that he most certainly will be going as it would be unfair to prohibit him from this magical, character building experience!    I look forward to your children telling you all about it tomorrow!

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Download this file (Laches Wood Day 1.pdf)Laches Wood Day 1.pdf

September Nursery Places and 30 Hour Free Childcare 04.05.17

Parents will now start to hear whether their child has been awarded a place to start at St Nicholas Nursery in September.   If you know that your child will require 30 hours childcare (NB you can claim it all but just use parts), then please register for your eligibility.  In order to claim your entitlement we need you to provide us with a code that will be given to you by the government.   Please see this information website for more information.

We will then be starting to allocate morning and afternoon sessions based on the return of these codes and will start to organise our staffing for September.   Please note that the 30 hour childcare will not cover a full school day therefore charges are in place which would be passed to parents as below:

8.45-11.45am – 3 hours daily x 5 = 15 hours childcare (free)

11.45-12.30pm – 45 mins daily charged at £4.00 per pupil + the optional £2.20 for a school dinner (NB you may choose to bring a packed lunch to school for your child).  This is all payable via Parent Pay

12.30-3.30pm - 3 hours daily x 5 = 15 hours childcare (free)

Of course parents who also require Breakfast club (Early Nics) or after school club care (Extra Nics) for their child, may contact Mrs Richards to book their child in and discuss costs and requirements etc. 

We hope this is some help.   In the event that this service should be oversubscribed (we don’t anticipate this), then the attached Admissions Procedures would come into effect.

If in doubt please contact Mrs Richards in the school office from Monday onwards (she is out on residential until then!) 

Please select a file to download:
Download this file (Nursery Admissions Policy 3 and 4 year olds.doc)Nursery Admissions Policy 3 and 4 year olds.doc

Super skiing duo! 04.05.17



Well done Hattie and Seb, expert skiers who have achieved their 1 and 2 star awards with Ecole Ski France!   This has taken a lot of hard work and commitment and both children are now happily whizzing past their parents on the slopes!


Parent Relationships 03.05.17

Can we remind parents that everybody has the right to feel happy and secure on the school playground.  I have been made aware of some low level conflicts that may have left parties feeling uncomfortable.   Our school is a public space in which all members of the community should feel valued and free from confrontation.

Year 4 Luggage 03.05.17

On Thursday morning can we ask parents to bring children with their luggage to drop it off at the ramp entrance to school where they will be met by Mrs Clay and Miss Parker.   Once bags have been dropped off, parents should then also hand over completed medical forms and sign in any medication which must be prescribed to the child and clearly labelled please. 

Some parents have queried whether children need a packed lunch for the visit.  As per the itinerary for this visit all food is provided at the venue.   (Please see menu previously sent out for details).

The coach will arrive at 9.45am ish so please do not be late to school.  If any parents wish to wave their children off, we would ask that you do so by staying in Belvide Gardens and not coming on to the premises, to allow us to manage the children and get boarded as quickly as possible.  This also avoids a second need for the child to separate from Mom or Dad prolonging any worry/upset they may feel about going away for what will be for some the first time.

Children can be collected on Friday from current Year 3 classrooms (so that they are nearby to luggage which will be deposited in the same place as upon arrival) at 2.30pm.   If any parents need to collect siblings this can be arranged also.   We hope your child is looking forward to their visit!


Year 2 Parents SATs Information 02.05.17

I have been made aware today of the document, accessible by clicking here, which may be of interest to Year 2 Parents.

New Calendar Dates Added 29.04.17

Miss Parker has added all calendar dates to the website today, for any parents who want to check.   I will try and keep adding any new dates as and when they are made known to me.  

Laches Wood Menu 25.04.17

Please click here to see the food menu that will be in operation on the Residential Visit.

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