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RP Forest School Blog 26.05.17

RP has a glorious afternoon doing Forest school in the sunshine this week. Our mission was to build a wormery. The children collected soil then added ripped up newspaper. If any worms were found, they were added to the wormery too. The children developed their fine motor skills by tearing up lettuce to feed the worms. It had to be very small to fit into their tiny mouths! 

Holiday Camp 25.05.17

Please see attached signposting a Holiday Camp for children for Whitweek.

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Download this file (Whitsun warrior.pdf)Holiday Camp Info

Reception Forest School Blog! 24.05.17

Last week at Forest School we followed the children's interests in minibeasts and made a wormery. First we added newspaper and soil to the wormery box. Then the children became bug investigators, finding an array of insects - we even found a scarab beetle larvae - he was interesting and a bit scary!! The worms were added to the wormery and "fed" with lettuce and potato peelings. The children will be able to see how the worms change the environment that they live in each day by observing them in the wormery in the Reception outdoor area.

St Nics Football Team! 21.05.17

A big well done to our football team who went off to St Chad's in Pattingham on Saturday morning to compete in a tournament against all the local schools (Perton First, St Christopher's, St Chad's, Perton Sandown, Birches First and Lane Green).  The children were supported by their parents, Manager Miss Cranston and Head Coach Mr Mills, Mrs Sollom and Miss Parker and did brilliantly.  We saw numerous goals, some quite spectacular and did not lose a match!    The lads played beautifully together, supporting one another and giving lots of encouragement.   A particular well done to Alfie (a gifted footballer), who on a number of occasions shared the ball with his team mates, creating goals for others, as opposed to seeking all the glory for himself.   This maturity and sportsmanlike behaviour will stand him in good stead for the future.   The atmosphere, standard of football and comraderie was so special, Mrs Sollom wants to do it all again next week! 

Success For Ashley! 18.05.17

Well done to Ashley in Year 2!  He had his grading for his Yellow belt in GKR karate and did amazingly well!   We are so proud of him!

Dylan's Rock Presentation Year 3 18.05.17

Please see attached presentation by Dylan in Year 3!   Dylan went to great lengths to classify and date his fossil, which we all then enjoyed in school!

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Download this file (Dylan's Rock Presentation.pdf)Dylan's Rock Presentation.pdf

Pregnancy Update! 18.05.17

And then there were 5 (pregnant staff that is!!!)
This week we announce that we have two more members of staff that are
expecting! We are delighted to congratulate Mrs Swan (Year 4) who is expecting a baby around November time and Mrs Hughes (Reception) who will be expecting her 2nd child also in the Autumn term. I am currently advertising for a new teacher to join us for September to manage this period and ensure that there is no disruption to class teaching. I look forward to confirming who your child will be taught by in September if your child is in Years 1-4 at some point after the half term break.  I am sure we will all wish the staff well at this special time.
I must also inform parents that unfortunately Miss Sullivan has been signed off for the moment with a pregnancy related condition and it is unlikely that she will be back in work before starting her maternity leave. I am arranging for her to pop back in to school before the end of the year to see children, staff and parents and I believe our Toddler group will be arranging a little Toddler celebration for her in coming weeks. Miss Sullivan is very much missing the children and the families and sends her best wishes!

Year 4 Homework From Codsall Middle 18.05.17

Wheeler Riley! 16.05.17

A big well done to nursery pupil Riley who can ride his bicycle without stabilisers.  Riley rides with Wolverhampton Wheelers down at Aldersley and is the youngest cyclist in his session!  Riley has ambitions of being the next Wiggins or Froome and wants to represent his country in the Olympics!   If he continues in this way, he is on track for success!

Disco Info For Nursery and Reception Parents 16.05.17

Nursery Parent Disco Reminder

Next Friday we will enjoy our Nursery disco which will start straight after school at 3.30pm. Afternoon Nursery children may come to Nursery dressed ready for the disco and morning Nursery children should come dressed at home back to school to the rear hall doors please at 3.30pm. We do not need parents to stay for the disco (in our experience children settle and enjoy their disco better when doing so independently with the school staff to supervise. Please come and collect your child at 4.30pm again from the rear hall door where we will let you in to collect your child.

Reception Parent Disco Information

Please send your child to school with their disco clothes in a named carrier bag so that teachers can get children ready to get going straightaway at the end of school. There is no requirement for parents to come in to collect or get children changed if they are going to the disco.  Please collect your child at the end of the disco at 4.30pm again from the rear hall door where we will let you in to collect your child.

Year 2 and 3 Spanish Club Sept 2017 16.05.17

Spanish Lessons for September 2017

We have been approached about offering Spanish lessons for children in Years 2 and 3 after school from 3.30-4.30pm in September.  There is an indicative cost of £80 for 10 weeks, with an initial £8 registration fee  which we appreciate is more costly than many clubs we offer already.   If you feel that your child would benefit from attending and would like to register your interest please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or pop into the office and let us know.  Once we have assessed a level of interest we can make a decision as to whether we have enough to make it viable and proceed from there.  

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Download this file (20170516124720749.pdf)Spanish Lesson Example Flyer

Half Term Football Club 16.05.17

Please see attached for Half Term Football Club.

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Download this file (Football Club Whit Week.pdf)Football Club Whit Week.pdf

Rugby Tots Out Of School Club 16.05.17

Please see attached which may be of interest to some of our children.

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Download this file (Rugby Tots.pdf)Rugby Tots.pdf

New Lunch Menu For After Half Term 16.05.17

Please see attached which will start after half term.

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Download this file (Spring and Summer Menu 2017.pdf)Spring and Summer Menu 2017.pdf

Lea's new belt! 12.05.17

Well done to Lea in Y1 who earned her white belt with orange stripe this week!

Fidget Spinners and Jo Jo Bows 11.05.17

Please do not allow your child to bring their fidget spinner or other toys to school. These are becoming a distraction in lessons and a cause of issues at playtimes.  

Likewise I will be talking to the girls tomorrow about JoJo Bows.   Whilst the girls are enjoying seeing who can be the brightest and wear their bow the highest, they also are becoming problematic in PE lessons and also at times obstructing vision of other children in lessons and assemblies!  

They are not really in keeping with the school uniform, in fact for September we are going to be asking that children only wear green headbands and bobbles etc in their hair to ensure the children look smart.  I will look forward however to complimenting the girls on their bows should they choose to wear them to the school disco next Friday!   Thanks for your support with this!




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