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Message for Nursery Parents (23.02.2021)

We are aware that some children in school at the moment from Nursery are attending for more hours than they were pre-lockdown for a variety of factors.   From March 8th children will all return to the hours of attendance as before lockdown.   If you need your child to be in school more or less than this then please contact a member of Nursery staff or email Mrs Stevens. It may not be possible for these to be accommodated once every child returns and us being able to remain within the required staffing ratios. 

All Nursery children will arrive at 8.45am from 8th March 2021 and children will be met by a member of staff who will send them into their key worker.   Parents should queue on entry at spaced intervals, hand their child over swiftly and then safely cross the road and exit walking down the hill on the opposite side of the pavement to avoid needing to pass the queuing line. We appreciate that some children may feel wobbly returning on 8th and will be ready to help you with your child.  

If parents have older children, drop them into class first and then bring your Nursery child, this will allow the queue to go down a bit too. At the other end of the day it may be worth collecting your Nursery child first and then walking round to collect older siblings from the main playground.   We think this will work, but can re-evaluate after a couple of weeks.   We propose a change as we are wasting a lot of the session time with the arrivals and dismissals being staggered and we want the children to get the most from their time in school, having missed the last 2 months.

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