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Youth Mental Health Ambassador 5 top tips! (12.02.2021)

Top tips for good mental health and wellbeing

Youth Mental Health Ambassador, Dr Alex George (also from Love Island - of course Head Teachers don't watch Love Island!  :)) has shared his ‘top five tips’ for young people’s good mental health and wellbeing. This is live on the Department for Education’s YouTube channel.

Ahead of the February half-term and as national restrictions remain in place, he has given advice to young people on how to improve their mood and look after themselves by eating well, getting plenty of sleep and natural light during the daytime.

As an A&E doctor, Dr Alex will use his clinical expertise to champion and shape government work to improve support for young people in schools, colleges and universities, as well as his personal experience having lost his brother to suicide last year. He will also sit on the new Mental Health in Education Action Group, which will focus on how to support young people’s wellbeing when they return to school and university.

This info may be more relevant to older pupils or families with siblings at Middle and High School.

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