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How often should I share work with school? (11.01.2021)

We are aware that parents may feel under pressure juggling all that home schooling entails and do not want to be contributing to that, as such I would like to set out the position around expectations about sharing work with the class teacher.

I would ask that parents send no more than one email a day sharing work with the teacher, this may contain multiple examples if you have lots to share, but makes responding to work manageable for staff.   (Staff working at home are there for parents and children on Zoom, responding to emails and creating the videos for the following week whilst at home, some will also be contacting families by telephone).  

By all means emails with questions and seeking support are not limited to one email and can be sent as needed.  

We would “like” to see some work from all children through the course of the week.   Where possible this might be daily or every other day where work has been shared in a Zoom or when you are confident that your child is doing well, remaining motivated at home and on track.   We often see some amazing parent-child collaborations, crafty projects and so on, please do not worry if you are not in a position to dedicate the time to do these things.   Please understand teachers are not judging or assessing parents, we just want to be there to help you, to offer support, guidance and reassurance to your child where needed and keep your child motivated to learn in these extraordinary times.  

I hope this helps reassure parents.  

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