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Two weeks to go!!! (04.12.2020)

Just a quick message to say thank you to all for supporting all of the Covid-19 arrangements throughout the term.   We have 2 weeks together before the Christmas holidays and we want to prevent any further confirmed cases if that is at all possible, so as to not impact on Christmas plans and activities, but most importantly pupil and parent health.

As Year 3 return next week and now Year 1 are back in, the playground and approach to school will return to full busy-ness.   Please do continue to wear masks as you have been doing and distancing as far as you are able to.   Please be aware of pinch points around the Walton Gardens entrance and do all that you can to keep your distance from others.

Together let’s continue to be vigilant and mindful of one another and enjoy the last two weeks of what has been a really positive term for the children and their learning.

Have a great weekend all!   Take care

Miss Parker

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