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Message from Miss Pugh for Reception parents

Healthy snack is available in school.

Dear Parents

We are now receiving weekly delivery of fruit in school ranging from pears, apples, oranges and bananas (there is a different option each day). You are not required to send snack in to school any longer as your child can access the free government provided fruit. However, should you wish to send in a snack for your child we ask that you support us in promoting a healthy diet by sending in a snack that will support your child in sustaining concentration and energy levels throughout the morning.

Below I have listed some healthy snack options that we are happy to receive in school. Of course I have not listed all snack options, but hopefully this should provide a little structure to help those who might be struggling for ideas.

  • Fruit – please note, grapes MUST be cut up length ways. We will endeavour to help all children peel fruit such as oranges and bananas. however, we will ask children to have a go themselves to develop their independence.
  • Cut up salad pieces e.g. cucumber, carrots, cherry tomatoes (cut in half)
  • Cereal bar
  • Raisins

We ask that although it might be healthy children are not sent in with:

  • Crisps
  • Biscuits
  • Yoghurts (unless in a drinkable bottle, no tubs or frubes)
  • Jelly
  • Cakes

In some instances, allowances will be made for children with specific medical needs. Please note – NO NUTS. NO PLASTIC REUSEABLE CONTAINERS (we are trying to limit the amount of things going back and forth to home and school at this time), instead we ask that you use sealed bags or foil. No snack will be refrigerated.

Best wishes

Miss Pugh

Assistant Head Teacher

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