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Ice Cream Man

A couple of parents now have contacted me to raise concerns about queuing for the ice cream van after school (this Friday was a particular case in point).  

The ice cream van is well within their rights to position themselves in any of the streets surrounding school, as long as within the highway restrictions and I have no jurisdiction over this.   Likewise parents are entitled to stop and buy one (I love an ice cream myself!) J.   Also I appreciate that with Autumn on the way and such small businesses having had loss of trade from lockdown, these last few warmer days are a last chance of generating income.

However on Friday images of families queuing for an ice cream that were sent in to me, appeared to be bringing adults and children in to unnecessary close contact and causing waiting children to run on neighbours gardens.

Please do maintain distance from one another in such instances, otherwise the work to maintain children in year group bubbles in school is rendered futile.

Thanks for your help.  

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