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School Uniform incl. polo shirts

We have met with Crested a Wolverhampton based uniform supplier, who provide online sales, as well as in shop support as another supplier of school uniform.   Uniform can still be purchased from Bradsports, in Bilbrook as before also.  

Uniform can be seen online here or in store at Crested.

Likewise at Bradsports here.

We want parents to have as many options as possible.   Bradsports sell clothing with school logos, as do Crested. Equally Bradsports will put logos on to supermarket or shop bought uniform.  

Most items are similar prices, but each supplier may be better for different items and so we want you to be able to choose where you shop. The school has no preferred supplier.

Finally a number of parents have asked about school polo shirts. These CAN now be worn all year around.   We appreciate that they are cheaper, easier to wash, dry and iron and more comfortable for smaller children to wear and put on. We hope this helps.   Equally parents who prefer the traditional Winter long sleeved shirt, can choose for their child to wear this to suit.   It is a matter of child and parent preference.

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