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St Nics Run The World Challenge!

St Nics Run The World Challenge


I think we would all agree that lockdown has affected children and adults in all sorts of ways.   One thing that really helped my family was to be active and to go out for a daily run or walk, I know many St Nics families enjoyed this also.   With the continued Covid-19 threat, it is important that we all remain as fit and as healthy as we can, whilst also looking after our mental health.   At school we have been keen to build in additional physical sessions for the children to ensure they have short periods of high intensity exercise within the school day, along with more calming and mindful activities.  

As a steady runner, who isn’t overly concerned about improving time, but more enjoying the freedom and headspace a run provides, I decided as a motivator to keep track of my daily runs and map these with my son.   We wanted to see how long it would take Mommy to run to St Ives (where we would be visiting on holiday).   From discussions about this with the staff team (within which there are a number of other keen runners), the St Nics Run The World Challenge was born!

We would like you and your child to let us know every time you go for a run or brisk walk and the distance, logging it here in MILES please.    Where possible use decimal format for a 2 and a half mile run simply enter 2.5 and so on.   To do so takes seconds.   We will then each week show the children on a map in my assembly time how far their community together has travelled on foot.   This will help (we hope) to motivate children to move out of school, spur on some of the adult community to put their trainers on and give everyone a collective goal to celebrate. In turn it will have (again we hope) a positive impact on the physical and mental health of the community.

From the simple logging form, we can announce to children who has run the furthest both individually and as a year group.

Parents who may be new to running, might find the Couch to 5K info useful.   Calculating your distance walked or run can be easily achieved using a smart phone/watch or by downloading the map my run app to your phone or by working out distance by marking out your route on map my run on a computer/device afterwards.

Teachers will try and allow some additional running time in school for as long as the field allows weather wise.   We hope that this is something you and your child will enjoy.  

Running is a great way to keep you and your family fit, it can easily be slotted in to the day as you can do it from your door and relatively inexpensive as long as you have some running shoes/trainers.  

Let’s see where our feet take us first…

Miss Parker

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