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Year 4 Parents 2.7.20


We understand that some Year 4 families are disappointed that their child’s name is not on their leavers’ hoodies. Last night, the permission form that parents had completed was cross-referenced with the list of children sent to Bradsports with permission for names to be printed and we can confirm that this was accurate. 57 or so parents had given permission for their child’s name to be printed. Please bear with us, as we contact Bradsports at some point today whilst also managing the school photographs and awards etc.

In most recent years school has not arranged hoodies and this has been the domain of parents, mainly due to the issue around data.   As you can imagine we have to be very careful in allowing the printing of children's names etc.  This is usually a long winded process and so is best organised between parents themselves.   

This year Mr Gough, Mrs Swan and Mrs Brady were keen to coordinate this however through school as they felt that this was very difficult for parents to coordinate without the school given that we were in lockdown and that the children were not in school.    Staff did not want the children to miss as many of the normal end of term rites of passage as possible.

As with all other communications currently, we are managing many aspects of school life virtually but please be rest assured that those parents that did give permission, this has been accurately recorded and this information had been provided to Bradsports.   Thank you to Year 4 staff for organising this.   


Photos today 

As soon as the photographer arrives at school and assesses the light, then we will text all parents and tell them which entrance to use to come into school.   We look forward to seeing everyone who is able to come along.

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