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2nd week of closure

Our 2nd week of closure draws to a close and just a little message of thanks to all of our families for their support for the school and the community during this time.   The staff and I have been overwhelmed by well wishes, messages sharing work the children have produced as well as offers of help.    St Nics and its community really are a strong team.  I thought it might be nice to share some of these:

  • Parents offering to donate their Free School Meal hampers to others
  • Parents offering to deliver hampers to others for the school
  • Parents offering to volunteer and support with staffing
  • Parents sharing their children’s work and well wishes (one Y4 boy ran his own Cross Country event in fields near his home on the day he should have competed in his inter school event – commitment!)
  • Parents needing childcare being flexible with the school when their child’s attendance (when only 1 child) might lead to a disproportionate risk in terms of number of staff needed (caretakers, cooks, teachers, office) for the provision to be sensible to have open.
  • Children sending cards and pictures in.
  • Zoom calls and emails with classes (this was a lovely idea, but a bit crazy in reality as those of you who have had a go at home with your children will appreciate)
  • A year writing project where each child writes a part of a story and passes it on to the next via email.
  • Staff who have already done their bit, encouraging and supporting those with childcare needs or those they feel might be more vulnerable to let them come in and take their place and do extra.
  • Staff who never normally work together or with particular age ranges, mucking in and doing their best, even if it might feel like they are out of what they thought was their comfort zone – they have been amazing!
  • Staff at all levels doing their bit with humility and a smile on their face (no less than when Mr Mills has skyped us from his home to do his own Joe Wicks in school).  
  • Parents sharing ideas, resources and websites.
  • Governors and parents emailing their thanks to the school and showing appreciation for the home learning activities.  
  • Staff in isolation, supporting one another with feelings around not being able to be in and keeping one another going.

Can I say a big thank you also to some of our unsung heroes, my site staff: Trev and Martin, Mrs Currall and Mrs Kilvert in my office who have kept things going behind the scenes, my dinner staff, cleaners and catering team.   Without them supporting the teaching staff we would struggle.

Finally a well done to Mrs Robb’s team, who have finished their first week in charge of childcare: Mrs Sollom (a force to be reckoned with on the creative front), Mrs Dhami, Mrs Lowe, Mr Gough (our digital whizz!), Mr Mills, Miss Griffiths, Mrs Hughes, Mrs Brisley and Mrs Jackson ( I think that is everyone!).

Even though we are promised a sunny weekend, please stay at home and follow government guidelines in the hope that we can all be out and about again sooner rather than later.

Take care all.

Miss Parker

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