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Snack for children using childcare

The school fruit delivery has run out for now.  Can we ask any parents that want their child to have a midday snack to send their child in to school with this please.   Whilst we have our school healthy eating policy in place, if at this time you want to sneak a naughty treat into their bag from time to time (as long as only little and no chewing gum or hard sweets or lollipops), we may not notice :).   

We have had lots of lovely things for the children in school to do and have managed their feelings this week.  However it is safe to say that it is such an alien experience for them being in a school that is almost empty, with staff that they may not know so well and in groups mixed with children from across the school's age range.   NB where possible Reception and Nursery children are kept as a separate group.  They are following a different timetable which is largely play and experience based and getting lots of exercise.   Therefore a little treat will not be frowned upon. 

We are happy to say that for those that will be attending next week we are happy for them to wear comfortable, weather appropriate clothes.   If it suits parents to send children in school uniform instead this is fine.   Either way parents should be mindful that the children may be getting a bit messier than normal (gardening and painting etc) and should not send children in best clothes. 




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