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Thank you key workers!

An enormous thank you to all of the families with key workers who (where they have been able to and we appreciate not all can!) have managed to juggle arrangements at home to minimise the demand for childcare places.   This week I have been contacted by a number of families who very clearly meet the government's critical key worker criteria.  However as a result of the daily changes and increasingly stringent measures being imposed meaning more of the workforce are at home, they have taken their child out of the school's provision which has meant that St Nics staff being expected to come into school and exposed to risk has been minimised. 

I wanted these families who have put themselves under increased childcare pressure to support the school and prioritise school staff health to know that it is greatly appreciated and we have every gratitude for your kindness and good sense.   It has enabled Miss Pugh this week to send home staff that we know are personally more vulnerable and susceptible to health risks or have family members they may make very unwell.

On a daily basis it is possible for parents to withdraw children from the provision as a result of any changing government guidance or changes at work.   Please do let us know in advance if possible so that we can reduce the staff needed to be in school. The government has clearly said that only those needed to be at a workplace should be, whilst we can of course send staff home when not needed, it would make much more sense to keep them there to start with as opposed to expose them to people from outside of their homes daily unnecessarily.

We are reviewing the hours of opening currently as we have a minimal number of children accessing after school club in particular, meaning that the risk to staff and infection is greater than the potential need for the provision.   This might be something that parents wish to consider in advance of next week and plan for.   I will of course let you know what has been decided once we have an accurate understanding of the demand.

I am sure the Codsall community will want to support the Prime Minister’s directive to stay at home where possible and only mix with those we live with.   Please do take this seriously.   In doing so, you are all also contributing to saving lives.   When my own son has asked “Why Boris is giving us more rules again?” and “Why we can’t just go and play at a park?” I think it is essential that we tell our children that they are superheroes and as important and as invaluable as the Drs and Nurses (and other critical key workers) in saving lives.   There aren’t many three or four year olds that can say they have saved a life, but in all seriousness by staying in and away from others, all the evidence would suggest that they will have done.



I will meet Mr Bowers from Codsall Middle and Mrs Ferretti from Birches First School towards the end of the week to discuss the Easter holiday provision.   As soon as we have confirmed arrangements (including a venue – I am mindful that an EYFS provision will be necessary – thinking of the need for little toilets and sinks and suitable play spaces etc), I will share this with families, along with the booking form as soon as I am able to.   Please note this would only be for critical key workers children and not the children who may fall into other categories as they would not normally be at school during the Easter holidays anyway.


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