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School Photographs Thurs 14th & Fri 15th November 2019 (02.10.19)

Individual/Sibling Group Photographs

Thursday 14th & Friday 15th November 2019


Our photographers, Lighthouse Photography, have been able to rearrange the sessions that were cancelled due to our Ofsted Inspection. Photographs of individual children will now be taken in school on Thursday 14th November. Children should wear school uniform for the photograph as usual.

There will be a sitting before school at 8.00 a.m. on Thursday which is only for families who would like pictures taken where siblings attend different schools or where a sibling is of pre-school age. If you require such a photograph please go straight to the library, via the main playground entrance at 8.00am, and wait until you are called.

The photographer will also be in school on Friday 15th November to take photographs of children with siblings in school.   Families where all the children attend St Nicholas First School/Nursery will have their photographs taken together at some point during the school day which we will coordinate.

We are very grateful to David Ingleby for managing to rearrange our school photographs and for his assurance that photograph orders will still be able to be processed by the end of term and in time for Christmas.

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