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Kingswood Night 2 04.04.19

Children opted for some indoor time this evening after a busy day in the wet conditions! They were all getting tired and keen to have some time in bedrooms before bed. The children have chosen their outfits for tomorrow in the hope that they will be as warm and dry as possible should the weather continue. 

Despite the cold and tiredness setting in, the children were all in good spirits and helping one another. We have had fun with a monkey puppet, debates with Mr Mills about Wolves, Liverpool and Chelsea, discussions about creation vs evolution in another room (all very high brow and left Miss Parker speechless)! 

Almost all children have eaten well and where they haven’t they have been encouraged to eat a number of other things.   I have enjoyed hearing their tales about teamwork, good communication and children stepping out of their comfort zones to try something new or something they were previously scared of. 

As I left all lights were off, stories were being read and children were calming for a good night’s sleep.  I anticipate it will be an earlier night than last for most tonight. 

The children will have lots of tales to tell when they return tomorrow and many of the children are looking forward to a cuddle, a bath and some rest.  Thank you to the staff for their work with the children - on residential you are never off duty - I am extremely grateful that they give their time freely to give the children in our school such a wonderful opportunity. Likewise to the staff back in school who have picked up additional responsibilities to cover for staff on the visit.  

We look forward to reuniting you with your children tomorrow.   I am sure they have been very missed.  Here’s hoping for a dry day for their last day of activities..    

Miss Parker 

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