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Year 4 Kingswood Update 04.04.19

Kingswood Update

Children were all unpacked and beds made with no issues. Mr Mills was an excellent duvet shaker and the children enjoyed showing staff their teddies and interesting items that had been packed from home.

The lads in particular enjoyed showing me all of the toiletries they had including aftershave, mirrored combs, gels and moisturising creams. They were well organised and Mr Gough and Mrs Lowe ensured everyone had what they needed.

The girls are all doing well too, they have been enjoying chats in their rooms and we had a girly time with myself, Mrs Hayes and Mrs Manning before bed, sharing our experiences.   I was really impressed with their maturity and care for one another.

Last night was Italian night and the children had pasta and garlic bread, followed by ice cream which went down well with most!

All children requiring meds had them and any special care needs were sorted discretely.   Mrs Clay is on high alert and ready to respond to any children who need a bit of help.

The centre is busy and the children are getting used to working alongside other schools and with other adults from the centre and are doing really well. We are very proud of them.   I will be returning this morning, before my meeting and then again this evening for bedtime. If anyone has anything they need taking up to the centre for their child, drop it in to school at the office and I will collect before I return tonight.

The full day of activities kicks in today, so I expect some bleary eyed children tonight and so we will be ready with lots of TLC, cuddles and bedtime stories to help get children settled as early as we can.

I will try and keep you updated as and when in and around a busy school day and visits back and forth. It may be that I do not send a text until after 10pm which is when I aim to leave the centre as we should not be using mobile phones where possible around the children.

Miss Parker

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