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School Dinners 01.02.18

I am aware that a number of parents have been discussing the "All Day Breakfast" menu item and issues around the nutritional value of school dinners offered.  As you know I have been relaying parent concerns and as such governors and the Academy Business Manager are in the process of exploring other providers of school dinners and liaising with our current providers. 

As a school we do not create the menus or plan or assess the nutritional contents, portion size or suitability of individual meals.  This is not our area of expertise, hence the reason this is a contracted service.   HOWEVER we do take seriously the feedback we receive. 

With regard to this week's newsletter and assembly to pupils about sandwich boxes, we know and respect the fact that a good number of our families do send children to school with well balanced packed lunches.  In fact when we discussed the issue almost all children knew what a healthy lunchbox would look like and actually named a really wide and varied range of items that might be included, from sandwiches to wraps, to crackers and so on.

However, we have seen an increase in children bringing inappropriate lunch items to school and have a duty to address this and offer support to parents and children who may need it.  Indeed throughout the year many parents ask for our support in respect of enforcing our expectation to help them with their child. 

I will bring further news on school hot dinners to parents as soon as I have any.

Miss J Parker     

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