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Forest School Blog 01.12.17

This week was the penultimate week at Forest School for Year 4. The challenge was to demonstrate all that they had learned through the last term by creating a new shelter in a different area of the field. It had to fit all of their team mates in and be warm and comfortable.  We spent a moment thinking of those who might be homeless today and relfected upon how fortunate we are.   One pupil shared how as they had been thinking about other people and how they can help others as an Advent promise, they had asked their parent to but a lunch for a homeless person in town.  We were really proud of Zain and the way he had transferred learning in worship and class and showed Jesus' love for others through his actions.   A big well done to Zain! The children were able to use their improved survival knowledge, team work, communication, problem solving, leadership and creativity to design and build their shelters. We played “Air raid” to test the shelters and then had some time at the end to reflect on our learning journey over the term.  Next week is the last Forest School session for Year 4.  Please continue to bring lots of layers to keep warm outside. The temperature has dropped and although the children are very active outdoors, it’s better to be a little too warm than too cold. Hats, warm coats, scarves, gloves, thick socks, extra jumpers and even leggings or pyjama bottoms under trousers all help to keep the children that extra bit warmer.

See you all next week! Mrs MacKinnon 

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