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Forest School Blog 09.11.17

This week Year 4 continued their survival theme and their challenge was to design and make a trap. Each class took their trap building in different ways- this was completely child led. 4G made small camouflaged traps. They had very inventive ideas and many group dig holes. They realised the soil was clay soil and linked this to our prior learning about clay being a natural resource. 4W made traps on a large scale, again using inventiveness and creativity. They used natural resources such  ivy cord and homemade sawdust in their designs.
Superstars were Katie W and Evie G from 4G for inventiveness when designing their trap. Harry S was the star from 4W for setting a good example to others throughout the afternoon. 
Well done Year 4! 
Ps. Please remember Forest School kits. The weather is getting colder so layers, coats, hats and gloves are essential. 

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