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Appearances and Organisation 05.09.17

We have had a very busy Summer holiday as well as the 2 training days in school.  You will notice lots of changes when you arrive at school tomorrow.   I will be out on the playground first thing to welcome everybody back and to signpost anyone who is unsure as to where to go to their child's new class.   Please do ask if unsure.   All parents will receive a letter tomorrow evening informing them of developments and some other news items and reminders. 

In spite of best efforts and 7 weeks at it, the various building contractors were still on site last night (and likely to be back in this week) finishing work.  Year 4 and Nursery staff were only able to move into their classrooms at the very last minute, but with everyone pulling together we are delighted to be ready to welcome the children back!

However you may notice some construction type barriers still up on the Reception playground, as well as odd bits of builder type materials or refuse around the site (nothing hazardous or dangerous).  Please accept our apologies for appearances over the next few weeks as finishing touches are completed and the site is restored to former glory.  We are really pleased with the work that has been done and look forward to sharing it with you all soon! We think you will see that it has been worth the wait!

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