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Message from Miss Parker 2nd July

Thank you to all of the Reception and Year 4 pupils who came in today for their class photos (taken individually). It was lovely to see many of you and even nicer to see your faces light up when you saw your friends. Lots of you have really grown!

I am pleased to say that the DFE guidance today has confirmed what a full school return will look like in September.   For us in school, much is already in place with provision to date, some of this will be scaled up and replicated in September just with larger groups, but we are confident that we can work within the wide parameters that have been issued.

All children will be expected at the moment to return to school full time.    It would also appear at first glance that before and after school clubs will be able to run as per the guidance so far. I will share an update as to how this might work when it has been risk assessed.

I will work over the weekend and the start of next week with senior staff on arrangements and logistics and be ready to communicate these to you towards the end of next week, if not earlier.

Finally a big well done to our Year 4 children who collected their Leavers Bibles and awards from school after their photograph.   We are sorry you haven’t had your proper moment to mark your time in church and I hope you will get involved with the photo and video opportunities that have been shared to celebrate your last year with us.   The Year 4 staff and I look forward to seeing you all on Monday!

It is apt that today was for YR and Y4 pupils, as many of the Y4 parents will testify the first days at St Nicholas feel like only yesterday and now their children are at the point of transition.   It was lovely that a small group who started school together, replicated their first day of school photo today as a group and I thought I would share.  

Thanks all for a lovely day.



Bradsports Hoodie Update

Darren from Bradsports has confirmed that they missed the second page of names when printing the hoodies for the Year 4 children and as such 11 names were omitted.   He will be contacting all the parents to return the hoodies and print new ones.  He has apologised and said it was a genuine mistake - sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Thank you to Mr Gough for organising this.

Year 4 Parents 2.7.20


We understand that some Year 4 families are disappointed that their child’s name is not on their leavers’ hoodies. Last night, the permission form that parents had completed was cross-referenced with the list of children sent to Bradsports with permission for names to be printed and we can confirm that this was accurate. 57 or so parents had given permission for their child’s name to be printed. Please bear with us, as we contact Bradsports at some point today whilst also managing the school photographs and awards etc.

In most recent years school has not arranged hoodies and this has been the domain of parents, mainly due to the issue around data.   As you can imagine we have to be very careful in allowing the printing of children's names etc.  This is usually a long winded process and so is best organised between parents themselves.   

This year Mr Gough, Mrs Swan and Mrs Brady were keen to coordinate this however through school as they felt that this was very difficult for parents to coordinate without the school given that we were in lockdown and that the children were not in school.    Staff did not want the children to miss as many of the normal end of term rites of passage as possible.

As with all other communications currently, we are managing many aspects of school life virtually but please be rest assured that those parents that did give permission, this has been accurately recorded and this information had been provided to Bradsports.   Thank you to Year 4 staff for organising this.   


Photos today 

As soon as the photographer arrives at school and assesses the light, then we will text all parents and tell them which entrance to use to come into school.   We look forward to seeing everyone who is able to come along.

Nursery's Fantastic Frogs!

Please see a photo update from Miss Griffths regarding the frogs; they have now been released into the pond!

Please select a file to download:
Download this file (Frogs released into the pond.pdf)Frogs released into the pond.pdf

For Reception and Year 4 attending for Photos

Once the photographer has chosen the space he will use for photographs, we will text parents to let them know, which gate they will need to use to enter and exit the site. We aim to inform you about this around 9am, once the photographer has arrived on site and made the decision. 

Reception and Year 4 Non-Attendees for Photos

For Reception and Year 4 Families, who are not able to attend tomorrow


In the attachments, please see alternative provision we have arranged for those who cannot attend for their photograph tomorrow, with the opportunity to send one for the photographer to use. The school and photographer cannot take responsibility for the quality of the photos that parents send in, whose children are not able to attend.

Please select a file to download:
Download this file (Reception and Year 4 Non Attendees.pdf)Reception and Year 4 Non Attendees.pdf

Newly shared DFE guidance

Please see here for information for parents from DFE about children attending out of school settings during the coronavirus.

EYFS and KS1 pupils

Please see here for a video about Covid-19 for little ones.   Many may have already seen it, but we wanted to share for anyone who has not.

Reception and Year 4 Final Reminder

Just a final reminder that tomorrow we have our photographs for Reception and Year 4. You should have received a text telling you which group your child has been allocated to and the corresponding time slot (please see the original attached letters). If you have not had confirmation of your child's group, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

If you haven't yet already, please confirm whether your child is attending or not, and if they are having their photograph done, whether you give permission for their photo be shared on the group photograph.

Reception: To confirm attendance and give permission, please click here


 Year 4: To confirm attendance and give permission, please click here

Free School Meal Eligibility

Throughout the pandemic we have heard from parents who were previously not eligible for their child to receive free school meals who now are.    We anticipate that this could be an increasing number of new families over the remainder of the year as the economy is hit by the after effects of the lockdown and new restrictions that limit trading capacity.  As such I will share again the procedure for registering your eligibility to claim this which provides your child with free lunch in school, parents access to 6 weeks holiday food vouchers and in the future additional income for the school to support learning.   If any parents are unsure or need help with this then please do contact the school office  01902842998  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. who will be happy to help and advise you.

The information and eligibility checker that you need can be found here.

Insight on School Attendance Nationally

DfE has published a summary of attendance in schools and colleges since Monday 23 March and early years settings since Thursday 16 April. Some of the headlines are:


  • Approximately 15.6% of pupils (1,483,000) were attending schools and colleges on 25 June, up from 12.2% on 18 June.
  • Over 95% of state-funded primary and secondary schools were open in some capacity.
  • Attendance was highest in year 6, with approximately 41% of all year 6 children in attendance on 25 June, up from 34% on 18 June. Attendance was around 34% in year 1, up from 26%, and 36% in reception, up from 29%.
  • Approximately 74% of secondary schools, excluding FE colleges and special post-16 institutions, were open to year 10 and/or year 12 on 25 June, up from 60% on 18 June.
  • Approximately 13% of year 10 and year 12 students were in attendance on 25 June, excluding students in further education colleges and special post-16 institutions, up from 10% of year 10 and year 12 students in attendance on 18 June.

We anticipate that attendance at school will be a legal expectation again from September.  It is expected that the DFE guidance around Sepetmeber opening will be published tomorrow/Friday.  As soon as that is communicated we will update any plans and arrangements and inform parents as to the plan for the full return.

Government Safeguarding Advice For Parents

Please see information here.

Co-op Colouring

Please see attached from the Co-Op for any of our colouring fanatics.   Any completed pictures can scanned or photgraphed and sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. who will display them on the Co-Op Social media pages.

Please select a file to download:
Download this file (Co-op Fortnight 2020_Colouring Template (1).pdf)Co-op Fortnight 2020_Colouring Template (1).pdf


Zoom calls have proved to be positive this morning.  Thank you to all who have logged on!

CEOP Online Gaming Activity Pack

Please see attached online gaming activity packs from CEOP to educate children about sensible, responsible and safe online gaming. We know with the current situation, more children are likely to have been playing online. It is recommended that parents use these as a platform to have an honest and open discussion about online safety with their children, using the child-friendly and engaging resources to support. 

School Games Awards 2020!

What a lovely email to receive today!  Thanks to Mr Mills, office staff, parents and all who have supported and been involved in our sporting events this year again!   Most importantly well done to all of our budding athletes and sports people - the children this year have been outstanding with their sports onece again!  We do love our physical activity at St Nicholas!    

Dear Miss Parker and Mr Mills

I hope you are well?  Attached are a number of items relating to School Gamesmark, as you are aware the award has been adjusted in light of Covid and for this academic year schools can be awarded a School Games Mark Engagement Certificate up to March and a Virtual School Games Certificate for engagement in Virtual School Games activities from April.

Congratulations St Nics  are currently one of  only 14  schools across the District that have engaged in both the School Games and the Virtual School Games!

Attached are the following documents

1) School Games Certificate

2) Participation in Virtual School Games Certificate

It is anticipated that for next academic year the School Games Mark criteria will be adapted to include a significant focus on virtual competition and engagement in Physical Activity.  St Nics would have been eligible to re-apply for Platinum Award (the highest level) next academic year, this application process has been held to the following academic year 2021/22.  

Well done everyone  and I look forward to working with you next academic year.

Chris Wood


Zoom Transition Calls

From tomorrow and throughout the week, transitions calls hosted on Zoom by your child’s current and next class teacher are being held. As this is a new approach to supporting transition across the school, we are sure you can appreciate that sometimes technology can throw up the odd ‘teething problem’. Therefore, we kindly ask that parents have phones close to them so that we can text any important information, such as any technical issues that we may need to address (i.e. such as whether the Meeting ID or password may have changed), so that you are aware straight away. However, we anticipate that this will be highly unlikely but at St Nicholas we like to plan for every eventuality! 

The staff are very much looking forward to seeing their current and new classes throughout the week and we hope that it gives children an opportunity to share what they have been up to over the last few months and what they are looking forward to in the forthcoming academic year.

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