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Carers Connect (23.5.19)

Please see attached information regarding the Carers Cafe helf at Trinity Methodist Church.

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Ultimate Activity Summer Holiday Camp. (16.5.19)

Please see attached information regarding the Ultimate Activity Summer Holiday Camp running at The Royal School Monday 22nd July to Friday 23rd August.

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Special Football Lunch on 16th May (7.5.19)

Please see attached menu for 16th May 2019.

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Information for Prospective Nursery Parents (7.5.19)

Dear Prospective Nursery Parents


I am writing to just make clear the way the 30 hour childcare works at St Nicholas.  

All Nursery age children are eligible for their first 15 hours of school regardless of whether parents work and are in receipt of the 30 hours free childcare or not.  If parents wish to access these (i.e just morning Nursery) and use their remaining 15 hours at another setting (be it childminder, nanny or private day nursery) that is absolutely fine.   St Nicholas do not need the code for this and as such the eligibility code is not needing to be shared as per the Nursery preference form.

Parents can split their 30 funded hours with alternate providers but this arrangement would only be for the days agreed in advance. Parents will not be able to swap or alternate days on their extended hours when they are split with another childcare provider.   St Nicholas cannot guarantee availability on the days a parent may require for extended hours in a split arrangement with other childcare providers


We are only allowed to claim the funding in respect of the hours attended and this is led by the attendance register and adjusted as and when there is a change (e.g parents fall out of work).   To claim for children attending when they do not attend, would be illegal and fraudulent.   St Nicholas and it’s governors takes seriously it’s financial regularity and compliance.  Should any parents need to discuss any element of 30 hour childcare as always we are here to help you, please contact the school office on 01902842998 and ask to speak to Mrs Richards or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Best wishes 

Miss J Parker

Head Teacher 

Charity Football Match at Molineux (7.5.19)

Please see poster and below information regarding a Charity Football Match on 24th May 2019.  Doors open at 9:30am, match starts at 10am.  Adults £3, children under 16 free.


From Alison Kelly: "On the 24th May we are holding a Charity event in aid of my brother in law we sadly lost in February. He was diagnosed on the 12th with the Leukaemia (APML) and due to how aggressive it was passed away on the 16th following a brain haemorrhage. 

Pete was only 36 and has left a wife (my sister), daughter 12 years old and son 1 years old.

He loved his football and to recognise this the event is a match between his work colleague team and his friends, which he played for both teams.

Please join us to have some fun & raise money for Leukaemia UK."
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Car engines running 30.04.19

Can we ask that parents try not to leave engines running outside school waiting for school to open, for the obvious air pollution issue, but also so as to not upset the local neighbours.   As the warmer weather comes this should not be necessary I would hope.  This has been mentioned to school by one of the school's supporters this week as a growing issue.

Thanks for your consideration.

Attention all Nursery Parents 30.04.19

Please see attached which may be useful to parents in anticipation of children starting in Reception in September.

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Girls Football (11.9.19)

Want to get more girls into football? Bring your future footballing star to our brand new #SSEWildcats Girls Football Centre! To find out how you can join in our weekly sessions @codsallhigh go to or download the letter here

KS1 SATS Parent Meeting Info

Please see powerpoint from the SATs Meeting attached below.

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Kingswood Night 2 04.04.19

Children opted for some indoor time this evening after a busy day in the wet conditions! They were all getting tired and keen to have some time in bedrooms before bed. The children have chosen their outfits for tomorrow in the hope that they will be as warm and dry as possible should the weather continue. 

Despite the cold and tiredness setting in, the children were all in good spirits and helping one another. We have had fun with a monkey puppet, debates with Mr Mills about Wolves, Liverpool and Chelsea, discussions about creation vs evolution in another room (all very high brow and left Miss Parker speechless)! 

Almost all children have eaten well and where they haven’t they have been encouraged to eat a number of other things.   I have enjoyed hearing their tales about teamwork, good communication and children stepping out of their comfort zones to try something new or something they were previously scared of. 

As I left all lights were off, stories were being read and children were calming for a good night’s sleep.  I anticipate it will be an earlier night than last for most tonight. 

The children will have lots of tales to tell when they return tomorrow and many of the children are looking forward to a cuddle, a bath and some rest.  Thank you to the staff for their work with the children - on residential you are never off duty - I am extremely grateful that they give their time freely to give the children in our school such a wonderful opportunity. Likewise to the staff back in school who have picked up additional responsibilities to cover for staff on the visit.  

We look forward to reuniting you with your children tomorrow.   I am sure they have been very missed.  Here’s hoping for a dry day for their last day of activities..    

Miss Parker 

Kingswood Update Weather Watch 04.04.19

Given the cold, wet weather, should you wish to send any weather appropriate clothing (gloves, waterproofs, hats, thicker jumpers) for your child, Miss Parker can take it up to them tonight.  Please drop it in to the office by 5pm in a named carrier bag.   Parents do not need to, only if you are feeling you wish you'd packed such and such.    

Year 4 Kingswood Update 04.04.19

Kingswood Update

Children were all unpacked and beds made with no issues. Mr Mills was an excellent duvet shaker and the children enjoyed showing staff their teddies and interesting items that had been packed from home.

The lads in particular enjoyed showing me all of the toiletries they had including aftershave, mirrored combs, gels and moisturising creams. They were well organised and Mr Gough and Mrs Lowe ensured everyone had what they needed.

The girls are all doing well too, they have been enjoying chats in their rooms and we had a girly time with myself, Mrs Hayes and Mrs Manning before bed, sharing our experiences.   I was really impressed with their maturity and care for one another.

Last night was Italian night and the children had pasta and garlic bread, followed by ice cream which went down well with most!

All children requiring meds had them and any special care needs were sorted discretely.   Mrs Clay is on high alert and ready to respond to any children who need a bit of help.

The centre is busy and the children are getting used to working alongside other schools and with other adults from the centre and are doing really well. We are very proud of them.   I will be returning this morning, before my meeting and then again this evening for bedtime. If anyone has anything they need taking up to the centre for their child, drop it in to school at the office and I will collect before I return tonight.

The full day of activities kicks in today, so I expect some bleary eyed children tonight and so we will be ready with lots of TLC, cuddles and bedtime stories to help get children settled as early as we can.

I will try and keep you updated as and when in and around a busy school day and visits back and forth. It may be that I do not send a text until after 10pm which is when I aim to leave the centre as we should not be using mobile phones where possible around the children.

Miss Parker

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