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Visit to Church Reception and Year 1 Parents Please Read (21.09.2021)

Please see attached from Reception and Year 1 staff and complete as soon as possible.

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Download this file (Walking to church letter.pdf)Walking to church letter.pdf

Covid 19 In School + PTFA Tonight (21.09.2021)


As you may have noticed we have been missing a number of staff and indeed children this week who have been affected by illness and in the case of staff 2 positive cases of Covid-19.   Please ensure you remain as vigilant as possible for symptoms and test your child where needed.  

I have advised staff today that we need to step back up measures internally to include wearing face masks in central areas and maintaining the bubbles as much as possible over the next few weeks. Cleaning remains a high priority as does hand washing.

It is important that we all play our part and act responsibly throughout this Autumn and Winter so as to minimise the impact on access to education for the children, as well as to keep one another fit and well.   It is wonderful that we no longer have to isolate large groups of children, however with confirmed cases there is inevitably still some impact on provision with staff absent and needing to be covered.

We had a PTFA AGM planned for this evening.   This was meant to be face to face in school at 7pm.   Given the current situation in school, this is not possible.    This is for the protection of staff, children and of course the parents who planned to attend.    Therefore the meeting will revert back to a virtual session for the safety or everyone.

The meeting will take place on Zoom at 7pm prompt.   To access the meeting please use the link below.   If possible please have your name on the screen (particularly if you are a new parent to school) so that we know who everyone is.   We hope you can join us.  

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 818 6910 7129

Playground Update (20.09.2021)

From Tuesday the school gates that access the playground will not be opened until 3.15pm as we have children out finishing PE and Forest School lessons until this time.   Please do not arrive too early as you will not be able to get on to the playground.

Can I also ask that children in all year groups, as well as siblings (younger and older) refrain from riding bikes, scooters, balance bikes etc on the school playground as this area is so busy. We have had a number of near misses and do not want any of the visitors to our playground to be injured should a collision occur.

Many thanks

Miss Parker

Spelling Shed Access (20.09.21)

We are currently experiencing technical issues with accessing staff and pupil accounts on Spelling Shed, which is hosted by EdShed. We will keep you informed as and when this is resolved. You can continue to access spelling lists set by teachers as usual from this Friday via the St Nicholas Virtual Learning Platform on your child's year group page.

Thank you for your support.

Our Virtual Learning Platform can be accessed as always from here:



NHS Staffordshire and Stoke On Trent Wellbeing Service (20.09.2021)

I want to bring to the attention of parents and families the following service:   Please note that self referrals can be made to the services.



We offer help for any type of emotional problem, or physical symptoms that can cause emotional distress. The most common symptoms we help are those of anxiety, low mood, and physical conditions that cause fatigue, pain or restrict people’s lives in some way.

1 in 4 of us will be suffering from some kind of emotional problem at any point in time, but this rises to about 2 out of 4 people living with a physical health condition, or persistent physical symptoms. Visit our page “A range of emotional and physical problems” to see the list of problems we treat, and watch our video below to learn more.

  • Depression (low mood)
  • Worry (generalised anxiety)
  • Panic attacks and Agoraphobia (fear of panic in public places from which a quick escape is difficult)
  • Social Phobia (fear of panic or anxiety symptoms in front of others)
  • Specific Phobias (Fear of specific animals, situations or objects)
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (Intrusive thoughts, images or doubts causing anxiety/distress, and the compulsion to “undo” them with repeated rituals e.g. washing, checking, repeating)
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (acute distress when reminded of a traumatic event, leading to avoidance of reminders, and re-experiencing through nightmares or flashbacks)
  • Health Anxiety (excessive anxiety caused by physical symptoms, or thoughts of serious illness)
  • Chronic Fatigue (excessive prolonged tiredness)
  • Irritable bowel symptoms

The emotional effects of living with/managing

  • Diabetes
  • Respiratory problems
  • Coronary Heart Disease
  • Persistent Pain
  • Stroke
  • Any other physical health condition
  • The emotional and physical effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic


Preventing Radicalisation Of Adults and Young People (20.09.2021)

Having attended a Local Area Counter Terrorism briefing this week as part of the school's safeguarding work, I would like to share the website below:   

If you need any advice, support or to share any information please do contact the organisation who want the community to take on board the following message:


It can be hard to know what to do if you’re worried someone close is expressing extreme views or hatred, which could lead to them harming themselves or others. Working with other organisations, the police protect vulnerable people from being exploited by extremists through a Home Office programme called Prevent.

Act early and tell us your concerns in confidence. You won’t be wasting our time and you won’t ruin lives, but you might save them.


PCR Tests Available (18.09.2021)

I have been informed that there are now tests available for those that want to try and book at Priory Green Offices, Whitburn Close, Wton, WV95NJ (Pendeford).  I believe there was previously a technical issue with the booking site.    If anyone has a positive PCR result please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as per previous messages.   There is no need to notify school of negative test results.

KS2 Parents - Musical Instrument Agreement (18.09.2021)

Dear Families,

It has been lovely to see children across Key Stage 2 engage with and enjoy the music sessions provided by Entrust, where they have explored the different notes of the ukulele and started to build on this over the last couple of weeks – we are already seeing some great progression!

Within the next few days, we will be in a position to send home children’s ukuleles so that they can continue their learning journey outside of school. Therefore, we kindly request that families complete the forms below to confirm that they have read and agree to the conditions set out to ensure that the instruments are kept safe and are well looked after, whilst off school site. They are the property of Entrust Music Service and not St Nicholas CE First School. Once you complete the following form, we will then send the ukulele home with your child; we will record the serial number and individual code of each ukulele that is allocated to your child, so that we can identify them when collecting them in at the end of the music programme.

Year 3 families, please complete your form by clicking here

Year 4 families, please complete your form by clicking here

We will be sending ukuleles home this week; please do complete the form by 4pm on Tuesday 21st September.

Thank you for your continued support.

The Key Stage 2 Staff Team

Message for 3G and 2S Parents (17.09.2021)

Further to emails and the letter sent today, I have been informed that there are no PCR tests available locally this weekend.   I can only advise that those with access to LFTs consider using them in the absence of being able to book a PCR.   Please look out for any symptoms that develop with your children.   Thank you to the Y3 parent who informed us about the lack of availability.     I have been informed that postal PCRs are coming through relatively quickly so this may be another option to consider for those that want one.

Stranger Danger (17.09.2021)

Please be mindful of closely supervising your children on the walk to and from school or at the local park and surrounding areas. Please see here that might be a useful read/reminder of safety tips.

Nursery Newsletter (17.09.2021)

Please see attached from Mrs Stevens to Nursery parents.

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Download this file (Nursery Newsletter 17.9.21.pdf)Nursery Newsletter 17.9.21.pdf

Homework Letter (17.09.2021)

Please see attached from Mrs Robb.  

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Download this file (Homework letter sept 2021.pdf)Home Learning Letter 2021

Parent Workshops -Free (15.09.2021)

Please see attached which gives you more info about the following workshops for parents:

4- week Programme Understanding and Managing

  • Defiant Behaviours and Anger in Children and Young people

    Start Date: Wednesday 3rd November: 1.30-2.30pm

    Workshops for Parents: October –December 2021

    Parent Wellbeing session

    Topics covered: Understanding emotions, building confidence & feeling more positive

    Date: Monday 18th October: 1.30-2.30pm

    Helping children to develop a Positive attitude and Growth Mind-set

    Date: Monday 15th November: 1.30-2.30pm

     Helping children manage anxiety and worries

Year 1 Donation Request (14.09.2021)

Year 1 are looking for some games and toys that can be used on the playground.  If you have any unwanted board games or construction toys such as mega blocks or duplo that your children have grown out of Year 1 would be very grateful of the donations.  This will help the children have settled and fun playtimes .  

Harvest Festival Activity 2021 (14.09.2021)

To support our Harvest Festival this year we would like the children to earn the donation of food that they bring into school.  To do this children would participate in acts of kindness at home, for example listening to a younger sibling read or helping to wash up at dinner. These generous acts of kindness would be rewarded with something they could bring in for the Harvest Festival. In doing this it supports our school value of generosity helping the children to understand that they can be generous with their time and kindness as well as being generous by donating food.  If each donation could be accompanied with a little note say what your child has done to earn the food then these can be shared in class. 

YN ParentPay (13.09.2021)

Unfortunately we are having technical issues with the login details for our nursery children.  This is being dealt with by ParentPay and we hope to have the issue resolved as soon as possible.

Nursery Weekly Newsletter (10.09.2021)

Most weeks Mrs Stevens will send a little newsletter out to our Nursery families.   I will always text parents to tell them that it is online.   Please see attached.   

Please select a file to download:
Download this file (first day poem.pdf)First Day Poem
Download this file (Nursery Newsletter 10.9.21.pdf)Nursery Newsletter 10.9.21.pdf

Nursery Admissions 2022 (09.09.2021)

We are starting to receive applications and interest for Nursery 2022 already.    Please see info below that may be of interest.    Feel free to share with friends and family who may not otherwise know that we have a Nursery.   

Nursery application forms can be found here  and should be emailed, posted or handed in to the school office.   We will arrange visits to school Covid permitting after October half term.

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