Year Three

A new curriculum comes into force for children in Year 3 in September 2014 nationally.  As a school we have worked with subject leaders to plan to meet the needs of the new curriculum requirements, whilst also ensuring our curriculum meets the needs of the children in our school specifically.   In time we will add our long term plan, sharing topics to be taught in Year 3.   Please see the attachments below which provide an outline of the nationally agreed curriculum that must be taught to children.

Please do note that the spelling curriculum that is prescribed is intended to bridge the Year 3 and 4 lower KS2 phase.

If you have any questions about any area of the curriculum, please see Mrs O'Shea, Mrs Witcombe or Mrs Hammond or the relevant subject leader.   In September 2014 our KS2 Leader Mr Price will also be on hand to provide any curriculum advice. 

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